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Remember the original Naruto. Don't get me wrong I like Shippuden as much as the next guy but holy god did Naruto became OP as fuck. In the beginning, it was all about hard work and it took him a few episodes to master the rasengan and all. Every time they face a tough opponent they would have a hard time and used a lot of strategy to try to overcome it. It was either uncommon and strange to find an enemy that had powerful jutsu techniques. And now we have kyuubi and susanoo everywhere. Even adult shenobi would have a rough time so despite them being kids in groups, they still wouldn't have had an easier time if the original naruto kids were adults. A lot of this may sound nostolgic (and in truth, it kinda is) you have to recognize the fact that they've been OP'd a lot. I still liked shippuden, but it was just something I've noticed while re-watching Naruto on a boat crossing the seas to learn how to harness his powers inside. (tons of filler episodes too)

Remember. I'm not bashing on shippuden, I just want to talk about the shift that the series tooked. I hope I didn't aggro anyone
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nardo stronk

least he's not the only one, endgame kakashi could have killed literally anything in part 1 just by staring at it
Kakashi was cool but then he became so fucking useless later as the series progressed.
>"What about Sakura"
>I like Shippuden as much as the next guy
Fuck off.

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Post your 3x3
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That's not very good. Do you think you have good taste?
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LOL sorandum.jpg
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We already had a thread today OP, but I'll enable you.
is this the part where I accuse everyone of being MAL?

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What kind of broom would you use to fly with, /a/?
Hey Tattun, why did they make Akko's thighs extra thick in the TV show?
might as well just set "tattun talk" as the title

This is a Japanese girl.
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that's a Japanese meat
no anon that's a cartoon character you faggot
And these are her oppai

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What the fuck is this thing?
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Average Femdom lover.
a stylistic choice of deconstructionist Japanese illustration
A jizo

The enlightened

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i needed something brush up my shit japanese skills with, so here
>I like you.
>I've felt this way about you
>for a long time now.
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>let's go out.
>Saotome-senshu hides it earnestly
>Saotome-senshu Confesses
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>Tsukishima Satoru
>Light flyweight class
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>I'm sorry, I can't.
>No... No way...
>I mean, it's great to know you think that way...
>but right now is, uh... is the time to be devoted to boxing...

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Why are you so fascinated by Mugi?
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she's interesting
I like this look on her a lot. What a cutie

>strict mistress side

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This girl deserves her arc just right now
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Why is Takumi referred as the new gen perpetrator?
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because he was in suspicious places at suspicious times

something about like shared something

why didnt he remeber rimi

just watch chaos head it was fun
I watched the anime, and im in middle of the VN. Didnt they showed the nurse commiting the Newgen murders?
>watching Chaos;Head
Are you guys insane?
Darth Spider is the perpetrator, Hazuki only helped him.

What was your first time watching gits like?
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I really enjoyed it. got a bit ruined for me because of this one fuck i knew who loved gits though
For me it was alot to take in, had to resort to the web to figure it all out.
I saw it at a childhood's friend house. It was a VHS, a horrible dub and the TV was too fucking small. I thought it was boring and shitty and fell asleep around half of the movie.

Later I grew up and was able to enjoy it with subs in all its 576p glory.

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/a/ refuses to admit this exists
Its 10/10
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it's on fucking hiatus, fuck that shit

it's good though
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It's literally bad decisions - the anime.
I like her other works too, Aizawa's. They're pretty good.

Say something nice about this woman
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What the hell, is this fucking bitch still alive?
Women Ruin Everything: The Anime

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ITT: we post /a/ series without actually posting it
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>Devil is a Part Timer
Oh. Yes it is.
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Anyone else here enjoying this manga about terrible people doing terrible this to each other?

>Ending in 9 chapters

Also mods this isn't porn therefore the nipple is okay.
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Stories where there are no good guys and everyone is an evil fuck just kind of have something going for them.
>Also mods this isn't porn therefore the nipple is okay.
Why're you on 4chan on work in the first place?

Plus that's an explicit rule echoed by both moot, hiro, and another mod on /a/

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