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Higurashi is now real life

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So Higurashi was actually real all this time. What's next? Are they going to prove that witches exist?


>In a new paper, researchers in Israel have theoretically shown that microbes could influence their hosts to act altruistically. And this influence could be surprisingly effective, with simulations showing that microbes may promote the evolution of altruistic behavior in a population to an even greater extent than genetic factors do.

>The researchers in the new study have proposed that microbes may induce a person to help others because the close physical contact (for example, food-sharing, co-sheltering, and grooming) increases the transmission of the microbes from one person to another. So when someone does something nice for us, we are not just the recipient of a kind act, but also of their microbes.

>The results showed that, as long as horizontal transmission (between individuals) of microbes is allowed, altruism-inducing microbes can take over the population, leading to microbe-induced altruism. This result occurs even when only a very small percentage of the population initially carries these altruism-inducing microbes. The simulations also revealed that the evolution of altruism is successful because the microbes have a chance to either meet genetically related microbes in the recipient or infect and transform some of the recipient's microbes into relatives.

>In a variation of this model in which altruism can also be induced by host genes, the researchers found that genetically encoded altruism does not evolve, but microbe-induced altruism continues to evolve whether or not genetic factors are present. Further simulations showed that, although there are some cases in which altruism encoded in genes can persist, microbe-induced altruism persists more often. Overall, the results suggest that microbes may play a dominant and previously overlooked role in the evolution of altruistic behavior.
I don't remember anything like that on Higurashi, but then it's been a long time.
If Higurashi is real then why can't I Hanyuu's horns?
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And just what do you want to do with her horns?
Most of the DNA in the human body is not human DNA.
If I pulled off those horns, would she die?
No, she would just have very bad memory
It would be extremely lewd
Meh, I thought for a moment that it was about a new live action or something like that. Moving on
OH i'd DESIRE her horns

ryu seems sort of ded
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He already announced another WTC though and put out two VNs last year, along with manga.
Story was about bacteria. Anyone who lives in the town for a prolonged period of time develops these bacteria in their body.

If you stress too much, or leave the town for awhile, the bacteria suddenly cause you to go crazy and kill everyone. Once you go crazy due to the bacteria you can't ever live a normal life again, you claw at your throat in the later stage of the symptoms, and die.

The government knows about it, which is why they allow the destruction of the town in most endings of the game. Rika is the queen bee, staying near her will prevent the bacteria from freaking out or something, according to Takano's theory. But this isn't actually proven, and may be bull. She's died in some endings and no one went crazy. But in most endings the villain threatens that everyone in town is going to go crazy when Rika dies since she's the queen host, so the government allows the assault on the town and everyone is wiped.

Also the bacteria are aliens or something
Thread posts: 12
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