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Couldn't find a Rakugo thread so here's a Rakugo thread.

Sukeroku's eyes weren't red in the OP before now, right? I'm not crazy?
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They were subdued red before.

This whole episode was a trip. Sukeroku's ghost actually talking sent me through a loop.


Recently translated interviews with the VAs.
fuck the gay thread

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This was the best episode.
Kyoto Animation show the Keions their hometown.
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Wait weren't they already in Kyoto?

Why is nobody talking about this?
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Because there are no rips for the new episode yet as far as I know, let alone subs.
Thanks for reminding me this exists, now I have to read 3 chapters.

Why did I have to enjoy non-weekly manga, WHY
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I posted the pair sometimes.

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Left or right, which is funnier.
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One Man is funnier, it's pretty much the primary role of the anime.
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Shit thread
check em
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Absolute madman.

Also OPM.

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Why do the Japanese artists have this obsession with power lines and small cities in anime? Just a general question.
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They got their minds blown by Evangelion, which used them a lot.

As for why Anno was obsessed with them, I have no clue, but he's a depressed, self-loathing geek, so who really cares?
It's part of their landscape? Why do you think Americans like road-trips that much?

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>Goku wants the tournament
>Zenos made it, and the losers make their universes to dissapear
Do you think Goku was Black the whole time?
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Is the OP sung from Goku's pespective?
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Goku can drive. All filler is canon.

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Have you forsaken your false gods and started worshiping at the feet of the Dark Queen yet, /a/?
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>not getting demon trips

time for bullying

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Why no one talks about Azumi?
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I dropped it when everyone died
Following long manga during scanlation is just more pain than it's worth.
Is it scanlated?

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Yuyushiki OVA is less than 3 weeks away. Who has it preordered?
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One week until season 2 announcement BaldFat porno is released!
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nice false flagging faggot


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what's with wormslutfags always blaming the shadow that killed all the people when based Kirei literally tells you that it was actually wormslut who did that

"You have changed, Matou Sakura. I see, your darkness was one of the qualities to adapt."
"Yes, I've changed. I'm not the old Matou Sakura. That weak girl doesn't exist anymore.
...Yes. Everyone tormented me until now. So I'm just getting back at them. The me who sat there and endured is gone."
She laughs.
Double personality.
The original Matou Sakura disappeared, and the other personality surfaced.
That's the only logical reason for her change.
"―――What are you talking about? You don't need to hide it, Matou Sakura."
The priest quickly denies it.
"Eh――――What do you mean?"
"I said there's no need to hide it.
You are not another personality. You were swallowed by the mud and have become addicted to violence, but you are still Matou Sakura. You don't need to prepare another personality to excuse yourself."
Her face stiffens.
He's absolutely right.
The girl grits her teeth and glares back at the priest.
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This made Sakura the best girl. Saber is nothing compared to her, Saber is a shallow character and her backstory is trivial. Her stickler to justice, chivalry and morality was plain annoying and cringey to see. Even Saber in F/Z was too disgusting to watch.

Rin on the other hand is an annoying tsundere. Despite being involved in Sakura's story, she proved nothing to offer and it showed how really weak she was.
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She's my favorite.
Why disgusting?
>Saber in fsn
Muh tasty shirou's cook
I know how to please a man
Waah lion doll kawaii
>saber in zero
Much more serious character with determination to win the holy grail.
A great tragic king who wants to redo her past.
A prideful king of knight with unbroken honor.

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How can medicore movies like this convey feelings so well? Japanese people are like fucking robots but with movies like this they can grasp parenthood and the relationships so well.
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Love interest was ugly
>dude DARKNESS lmao
Worst Hosoda.
It's weird how Japs never act like characters in anime

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Find a flaw
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Melvina is cute! CUTE!

Will is cute too.
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does she know how to poo in loo

Considering she's from Ausfailia shitposter land, possibly.
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Why would you say that?

But what if Bulma has another boy? GT fags BTFO!!!
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Honestly I never got why people were so butthurt about GT, I liked it more than the Buu saga
She's gonna have a gay son named Jock that hates fighting I guarantee it.
Bra was shown at the end of the db manga, newfag

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