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We need more male yandere
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We need a team up with a male yandere author and a decent artist.
Male yanderes come off as weirdos, female yanderes are top notch though.

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I never asked for this feel
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This reminded me a lot of Kare Kano manga

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Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay me the best song in the world

Or I'll eat your soul
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I want my soul to be eaten by Satania-sama!
I want to drink Satania-chan's pee.
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>when you trip over your guitar cable and wreck the drum set

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Is this getting animated soon?

Best of the zaregoto series
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How is the recent Vertical translation of the novels?
i lost interest in this because it airs once per equinox

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Scenes that made you cry happy tears
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This chick and her character development.

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15 minutes until new episode
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Use this thread for Manga,Live Action and all your Gintama needs.
How many episodes till the current arc ends? I don't want to start watching when I got to wait each week for an episode.
A lot.

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Morning After.webm
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Scenes that you'll never ever forget.
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was it anal?
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Literally nothing could have prepared me.

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You were warned and you didn't listen.
It's going to be hilarious when he jobs.
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Leave Goku to us

Lelouch is confirmed to be in S3... It's a few years after Zero Requiem... Will CC still be his waifu, or will Kallen gun for him...? Personally, I love CC the most.. Pizza butt should have Lelouch, or rather Lelouch should have her. Kallen is a slut.. Suzaku already fucked her good.
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Even your shitpost is shit.
How is it shitposting... I bring up good points... and questions
Char Mask Shirley is the main antagonist

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Is that fucking backpack made of human skin or what?
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>he's never owned a genuine human leather backpack

what was public school like?
Everything is retarded expensive in Japan.
Every price tag I've seen from Japan has been retarded cheap.

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post lewds of diana
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Why even have other witches in the show? Just have Diana do everything solo.

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I just finished ep two of Youjo Senki and I dont know how to feel about the twist since I thought she was just a cute loli but now it's really strange, does anyone else find it really weird?
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>people finding the well known plot point a "twist"
shows that some fucks just don't follow the industry at all.

I do admit that the anime adaptation is very misleading, as the manga gets to the point right off the bat.
I never read the manga or knew much about the show when I started watching so the plot point took me of guard.
The manga is better but it's the same LN adaptation shit where the anime is outpacing it so you have to choose between better pacing and characters or being up to date.

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Today, they shall be reminded.
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What, that Eva makes no sense?
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So you're saying Asuka is more human where as Rei is a mary sue doll? Super interesting.
There isn't any of Adam in Rei, not until midway through EoE when she sucks it out of Gendo's hand and becomes the GNR and sets off Instrumentality

It's a no-brainer that she's godlike at that point, is it worth reminding us that she's superior to Asuka in that state?

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With Sunao Katabuchi receiving his award today, you should watch this music video directed by him:
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Best movie of the year?
It was a decent year for movies, but probably. Still want to see Koe no Katachi and Dreaming World but can't imagine their much better.
>Dreaming World
Uh? What's that?

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what has happened to this manga?
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Is that Hayate?
Never understood why it was popular in the first place.
The jokes are usually bad, the pacing is horrendous and the art and characters are nothing special.


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