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How good is Shiburin with the sword?
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She can bisect a knight in two with a single swing of her katana
>effectively zero protection
>boobplate that would just crack her sternum
>hair and cape for easy grappling

My autism for armor eclipses my love for Rin. She's utterly useless. Sword design is fine though, aside from the fragile base.
Better than /a/

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Quickly, Mugi needs new eyebrows! Do you have anything?
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here i'll use hot dogs
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I recently picked up all the ovas on vhs for urusei Yatsura. I'm not super far into the Anime (15-20 episodes in) will the ovas spoil anything major?
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Anyone else notice the amount of QUALITY in this last episode?

I don't know what the deal is, or how fucking crazy this Jesusfag is, but nopan marks her as best girl. Masamune is fucking beta for being unable to work the harem.

>Kiss me to prove that you like me
Fucking lmao. Seriously?
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All I cared for was that they delivered Aki's swimsuit shot. Neko was pretty cute I guess, that face she made after the ketchup part was nice.
I laughed at Masamune's comment regarding Aki's body, though I think her ass and legs looked fucking great.
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He liked the legs, guess he isn't an ass-man yet.

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Midriff Thread
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My fetish.
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>>>/c/ you fucking tard

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Today is Sunday and tonight is the Kuruha/Wakaba Party/Loli Episode.

How can underaged loli idols take back the Kurils?
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Sarara went bungee jumping at the same location seen in Ep 2.

Waiting for someone to upload the show with MaiMai.

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There is already a thread, retard.

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Is it okay to stick your dick in crazy if crazy thinks you are her king?
>tfw no Ame
There is never anything wrong with sticking your dick in crazy, especially if that crazy is crazy for you.

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best girl.jpg
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>She will never help you cheat at cards in a casino off one of Jupiter's moons
Is there even a point to existing?
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>You'll never make her happy.
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>"who am I" for 40 episodes
>never mind lol
this bitch

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What a fucking cock tease. You better tell me that Yukino won this or that they ended up in a 3 way relationship.
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Saika is love
Saika is life
It should end with a school shooting and everyone dies a painful death.
You overestimate the lethality of public shootings.
The chances of dying if there's a shooter at a school you're attending is very low.

And if anyone was going to be shot it would be Yui since she's the popular kid who looks down on the loners.

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Why is girl sniffs boxer shorts so hot
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Post more examples and I may be better able to answer your question
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more sniff.jpg
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ITT: We change the premise of an anime/manga by applying foreign genre tropes to it.

Spice & Wolf
>There are 5 other wise goddesses in antropomorphic form: a cat, a fox, a bear, a seal and a squirrel (male)
>Lawrence does commerce and works under a merchant company
>His secret ambition is designing a new card game
>The company's chief is shroud in mystery but he's fabulous as fuck
>Episodes 6 to 11 are dedicated entirely to resolving the plotlines of the secondary cast
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That sounds terrible.
Never said you had to improve it.

Btw, if you can't recognize the inspiration for those changes, it's basically every modern harem; Sakurasou, Saekano, etc; Re:Life and every other poorly written comedic drama (in that order).

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So how come they always get super hyped in anime and manga to see the ocean? Did /a/ ever figure this out from years ago?
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Because the beach is fun.

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Alright /a/. We finally have to ask ourselves the real question. Seiya or Kenshiro? In an all out fight to the death at their absolute strongest, who would win? Let the great debate begin!
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Let's vote. I've cast my vote already.
>inb4 people post about how SS characters can blow up galaxies and shit even though the attacks that allegedy can do that don't even ever cause nuke sized explosions
Yeah, I don't really want to compare DBZ characters here. I feel like comparing them to ANYONE is unfair, seeing as how nobody in DBZ has an actual power limit. It's a losing fight for anyone.

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So.....How long till this event gets brought up.
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Holy fucking shit, we have that dumbass fucking mod to blame for deleting the titled thread. Now all these retards are spamming new threads.
>the most popular anime in the entire World just got done airing a new episode
>"holy shit guys, why are they're so many threads???""

grow up, k'
No you're a fucking moron, we had a real dragon ball thread but the mod deleted it. Now we had a bunch of non titled dragon ball threads so we couldn't find one as a containment thread because we couldn't search the catalog.

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