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It's February 5th.

Happy Birthday to the REAL Dia Kurosawa- Arisa 'Arisha' Komiya.

Saban may have given you a big 'fuck you' by not adapting Go-Busters for the world but at least
-You went over to California, PR or no PR
-Your concert will be broadcasted throughout Asia
-Judd Lynn likes your show.
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There won't be a live viewing for the Indons.

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Why chinese anime girls are superior than anime american girls
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>posting Chinese cartoons

Excuse me, this is a Mongolian board.
>Lingyin Huang
More like Literally Houki.

>chinese anime
Fuck off, not /a/-related.

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>"Let's go to Heaven together, anon."

Well, what's your answer?
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Is it karma?

Let's just take a moment and appreciate what a glorious piece of shit Kazuma is.
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He's a lecherous, opportunistic fuckstick who never fails to exploit any weakness or fault in anyone or anything for his own gain.

He is literally /ourguy/.
Fuck off.
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Who are they, /a/?
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Las Flippers
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How could you call this beauty poopy?

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Now for the REAL story
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I want my NTR back.
Really? It looks like you've got it.
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This is a Gentle Goddess
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Nah she's a fucking nerd.

Tsuneki= Snake

Tooru= Gentle Goddess

Kyouko= ???
Leave my girlfriend alone?!

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Why is she such a big girl?
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For you?
Because that's my fetish
Same reason she's also best girl, Takahashi Minami.

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This is america and we call them pony tails
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Wrong, we don't have a real name for tails that long because fucking no one does it. Short ones are called pig tails, and a long, single one is called a pony tail, nerd.

Also Hime is the cutest regardless of her hair

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So, what am I in for?
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Start with the original.
I've seen that and A's.
I saw a little of Vivid too, but I stopped when I decided to start from the beginning.
Lesbian family planning.

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Why is verbal abuse so hot?
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Because you have daddy issues.
I want to do lewd thngs to her with my hard adult dick.
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I'm not interested in your masturbation fantasies.

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the choice.png
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choose wisely.
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I'll have both.
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Fuck you, you're not my mom.

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I know this is late but I just received a new package from the mail. This is strange because I only signed up for one gift exchange and this is the 2nd gift I receive . I don't have the name, just the return address. (And it's a different address from the first one too).

I don't think I did anything wrong but I'll pack some extra stuff for my anon next year.

Anyway the vinyl figurine is really nice, I love Yamada (best girl). I like the 2 other ones too but I only recognize Asukara. This looks pretty expensive for my price tier so a big thank you to my secret s/a/nta. I wasn't expecting another gift, one this late
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The box smelled of perfume, which is nice.

However, there were some hair and a finger nail at the bottom.
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>not sure if my anons got their cards
>never got mine
>mightve been a huge mail mix up where im at
god please dont let me get blacklisted

anyways congrats OP
are those panstu air fresheners?
I'm not too sure what they're supposed to be, I think you might be right. It must be why the box smells so nice.

I assumed they were bookmarks.

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ITT: Post songs from any anime that make you feel anything from happiness to sadness.

I'll start with Komm Susser Tod from The End of Evangelion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIscL-Bjsq4
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Happy: Fuwa Fuwa Time

Sad: Tenshi ni Fureta yo

Both are from K-On.

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Onee-Chan thread?
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What's this face meant to convey?

Love for her cute Otouto
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I want to marry Chifuyu-nee

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