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this is an anime
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no, thats a pizzabutt
Anime has a great butt
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don't abuse the anime

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Why do people care about this shit studio? Their animation isn't even sakuga, it's not flashy.
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I am a fan because everything they made in the 2000s were huge successes, they never failed at selling amazingly.
Their business model and values. I honestly don't like most of their old stuff, specially Key garbage, but they're still my favorite due to not being asslickers like the rest.
consistent high quality

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Stop making this thread.

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What did Amanda mean by this?
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why is tattun such a shitposter

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Ursula is disgusted at your bullying
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Do you think Diana has a secret futa penis?
No, you just get that idea because my dick is constantly in her.

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Is idolmasters as good as love live?
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It's better.
A bit better.

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Where do you think JoJolion will go from this point as of Ch. 61?

>Fried Chicken throwing main villain with only ten centimeters
>Tsurugi is inching closer to getting ROCKED
>Gappy has to save ROCKED mommy
>Joshu in general
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>3 threads
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JJL Ending.gif
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>implying we don't already know
>four threads now

Is this karma?

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This isn't funny, just frustrating.
I like the art
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So what exactly went on with the story split between the anime and manga?
Did they go into producing the anime fully aware that they'd have to invent their own ending for a story that was far from finished, or were they misled?
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Are you new to anime?
The manga wasn't finished yet so the anime essentially got it's own ending. I hope Soul Eater comes back years later and get's the FMA Brotherhood treatment where it covers the whole series but I doubt it desu.

Kind of mad Hybrid Maka didn't show up in the mango but meh fuck it.
Maka being a hybrid was an interesting idea, but it also came completely out of nowhere and just raised all kinds of questions.

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>everybody in this image is dead

It hurts
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No, it doesn't.
It might hurt if the story were better written, if you had more time to warm up to the characters before the silly death-match took any seriousness away.
But as it is, they were just meat for the grinder.
What a waste.
>tfw no top speed waifu

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So this kid tries to ignite the candles fucking over and over on the god damn roof for all the world to see, then they all make a big fucking deal about him being the son of satan with the blue flames later in the episode
How the fuck did they not notice? Why is this show so shit?
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What's with that resolution?
I mean, I'm in my house almost 24/7 and I don't fucking know what birds do on my roof, maybe one of them is the son of satan and is igniting candles up there, but I don't know anon.

Any way, the show is indeed shit adn boring.
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>blue exorcist thread

Say something nice about Eli
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Idols are cancer.
Nice measures.

What is it about businesswomen that we love so much?
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cant speak for everyone else but being a house husband being married to a business woman is my dream.
Crushing depression that they will probably will never find love, while their biological clock is ticking away.
>What is it about businesswomen that we love so much?
They are doing the jobs that we aren't.
They are the reason we can spend all day every day watching anime.

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Precure Thread - dekiagari!
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Around 2 hours for Kirakira. What are your expectations for this season anon?
What do you want from it?
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I want Aoi to be an Erika/Hime level scene stealer.
I just way custard to appear a lot and be cute, that and baking lessons. I will be happy if they manage to deliver that.

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I love this fish.
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I bet she's full of healthy Omega-3s.
Would you be willing to take a chance on winding up swimming with the fishes?
I would preface by saying with a diving tank all things are on the table.

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