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This show is amazing, the combination of ecchi and humor is off the charts.
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>This show is amazing
Shokugeki is great, Erina best girl followed by Alice and Hisako
Azami ruined everything.

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Why is Sadddaaaaaa Sasese so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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New opening. New arc. The hype is real.

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this is godlike, might be on par with cha la head cha la
if you're going to make a new thread, you might as fucking put the words "dragon ball" into the title so we can migrate here now that the other thread is ending.
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I'm not one of those faggots who likes Gohan ONLY when he's strong, but this has me hyped as fuck.

He's back, /a/.

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Has Tohru taught Kanna about the birds and the bees?

I'm afraid she's gonna take part in indecent activities with Saikawa soon if they're not stopped.
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I'm no kyoanus licker, but if they actually adapt this as is I will love them forever.
I'm pretty sure she taught her about the bees and the bees instead.

You're telling me this is best possible team they could come up with?!
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let me break it down for you senpai
>Regenerating monstrosity
>Two cyborgs that can absorb ki
>The two most powerful saiyans in the universe
>The kid who was suppose to be the most powerful in the universe
>An immortal guy who can multiply his muscle mass by a hundred at will
>The strongest human who beam spammed Cell
>Kami & co.

I guess you have a point with Krillin though
Use the catalog retard

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what exactly am I reading
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a good Manga

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tfw no qt mitsuha
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>mfw had one but musubi failed to keep us together
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What was his excuse to not use the grail to save all those orphans?

> inb4 the grail is corrupted

He didn't knew that.
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He didn't know it was corrupted but he did know that it was bullshit.
Never mind this, they go through this whole thing in Fate int he basement scene. Fucking read the VN.
>they go through this whole thing in Fate int he basement scene.
That's what I'm talking about. He presents no real reason to not use the grail to avoid the fire or at least not let Kirei gets his hands on the orphans. And at the time he didn't knew the grail was corrupted so he has no reason to decline.

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Matoi the sacred Slayer OST is out!

God,that first song. Love it!
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How about a torrent, though
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You should know where to find it thought?
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>1. 纏創少女
I've been waiting for this.

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I just finished Mai-HiME so let's have a thread about it.

It really had a lot of potential and many likeable characters. Unfortunately some major flaws such as the shitty mid-end and final end which completely ruined the impact or the irrational love of the protag for some random loser which ruined her.

This is a such an incredible shame because I really enjoyed many of the characters. With a better story, better endings and without the annoying romance quadrangle this could have been truly great.

Let me highlight that the sound effects were great and very realistic. Even small things such as putting down the sword were a pleasure to listen to. On top of that the OST is absolutely great. I have been listening to it for years and am happy I now know where it is from.


Last but not least, I have a hard time choosing a favorite character but pic related really touched me. She is so adorable and innocent, yet has to go through so much. She is almost the true protagonist with her many key contributions to the plot. Her suffering was maybe the most touching.
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I also want to give this character credit. At first I thought she was annoying but she really grew on me. She is very curageous and has a genuinely wonderful heart underneath her brash attitude.
You can now move onto the superior Otome
I dropped this like 3 episodes in because I didn't like the character designs. Remember thinking MC was annoying too. Always been meaning to pick it back up

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I'm a big rugby fan. Will this anime piss me off with inaccuracy or actually be good? Is the manga better? (Hope I used enough exclamation points)
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I found it to be a pretty shit anime, rugby aside. It also doesn't really explain rugby that well despite the main character not knowing shit about it. It seemed to follow the rules, however.

I gave up about 8 episodes in. It was just too boring for me. And I'm a spots anime fag.
I love sports anime but what the fuck is with these character models?
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As a rugby player I'm confirming this part is at least innacurate
So is eyeshield 21 better?

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rekt thread
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How can The titular character be so bland?
Fucking Dodge.

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>turning Asuka into your masturbation aid
For shame, Asukafags. For shame!
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He's back
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I'm so hyped.
me too

flip flappers will only die if we let it die in our hearts
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somethingofcuck on suicide watch
Post the .webm of Papika running through the snow.
It's cute.

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