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can you guess the anime charactrer just from their face
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it's len kagamine!
Can you guess an anime just from its title?

Fuck no that's too hard.

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The second movie was very unnecessary but I genuinely enjoyed this show a lot.
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thanks for the blog!
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Literally the only redeeming feature of this show desu

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Is Rikka old enough for sweatyy gang bangs?
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There is no "old enough" for sweaty gang bangs.
Read the manual.
Rikka is always ready for gangbangs.

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Why was this show one depressing piece of shit after another
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I fucking hate phonefags.
I don't like being me either, that's why I'm here
>"I forgot lol"
That's not what he said. I mean, it is "what he said", but there's both a cultural difference (the nuance is different in Japanese) and, if you bothered to think about it long enough, he didn't ACTUALLY mean it. I know SAO isn't the best anime but fuck you retards don't even think for 10 seconds about it before showing off your retardation to the whole world.

who remembers this ;)
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Don't use emoticons on /a/.
Why would i forget my one true elfu?

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Lewd thread

Post lewd as heck animes

No stale memes
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That's what >>>/e/ is for.
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How do you feel about oral ogry?

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I kind of want to catch up on this but I'm like 60 eps behind and I remember hearing/reading some shit about how it was only going to be 100 episodes

is that true or will they milk it for as long as they can? I don't really want to catch up if it's going to end that soon
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Just skip the first 27 episodes, watch the BoG and RoF movies and start with episode 28
>I remember hearing/reading some shit about how it was only going to be 100 episodes
Nah, that's bullshit.
It was a rumor some dumbasses started from reading too into the fujitv website.

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I want Taco to smile again. How do we make him smile?
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Give his primos a green card

I wonder how the irl coach feels about being turned into a woman for the anime, isn't he a guy or I'm missing something?
Hopefully not too offended. I mean, Fairy's RL inspiration is female (female).

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So I just finished this and did neither of them ever bother to look at a calender at all when they were swapped?
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hey that's my complaint too
I assume they did since they were leaving notes in the diary app for each other
Musubi though...
I made a Frodo thread about it.

Apparently, in US and Japanese locale they don't have the year.

Although I've permanently set my locale to Japan (because reasons) and I see 2017 in the bottom right hand corner.

Even presuming they don't see the full date on their laptops surely it would be on every diary entry and the front blackboard.

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I just finished watching Re:Zero and I don't understand all the hate it gets. I would go so far as to say it's a masterpiece. Why does /a/ hate it so much?
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/a/ hates anything that gets popular.
Worst girl won.
Best girl was killed off-screen.
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taken from v archive.jpg
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Funnily enough it's /v/ hating it to fit in on /a/.

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>We must defeat the enemy-san who is trying to engulf the world in the evil power of "darkness" with our power of friendship/music/love/light

Why has this trope not been killed and buried already? I can't take it at face value anymore and end up either cringing or laughing at it
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You pretend it happens in every action anime.
Why are threads about people being annoyed at semi-rare tropes not killed and buried already?
>why are children who have been socialized to a world of white and black morality where the status quo always represents friendship, love, acceptance and moral good highly receptive to media which vindicates their worldview by showing a black and white conflict in which status quo representing the moral good triumphs over evil by virtue of simply being good.
Gee I wonder.
But this shit happens in none children's shows. That's the problem; if this kind of simplistic morelizinf was only found 50 episode toy commercials for small children I wouldn't be complaining. This kind of shit is fucking everywhere; even in series aimed at adults

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Unholy hate burning inside.gif
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>Anime is about adolescence
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Ban evasion is against the rules
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It better be, or else I'm not watching it

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Best girl

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The new intro disproportionately focuses on this guy loads. Seems like he'll be the main rival of the arc
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Use the catalog retard
bump for complaining :)

This fucking scene
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Use the catalog retard
>being a generalfag
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this sum movie quality.jpg
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yeah I know, the light;the shading in this episode. why were they drawn so fucking good even though they were just standing and talking?!?

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Good anime protagonists died with Lelouch. Will they be reborn with him too?
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>Good anime protagonists died with Lelouch.
You don't watch a lot of anime, do you?
Don't worry with death come isekai.
>Good anime protagonists died with Lelouch.

The Edge can ever die.

And, just as knives can be resharpened, Edgemasters can never be killed.

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