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How many seasons are they going to milk out of this? Will Victor still be competing in his 30s?
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I bet we'll get 2 more seasons.

It has to end at the olympics.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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Time for Sunday morning practice!
I'll wake her up with my dick.

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Find a flaw.
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She's not in my bed.
Purple coco has a lipstick tail.
What a slut.
the white top and bottom padding of that image

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So is Production I.G going to fuck the new series up like the other classic franchises like Cyborg 009 and GitS or are they going to keep their garbage clunky as shit 3DCG away from it?
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I don't care if the ships are CG as long as the chara designs are great and they still use classical music.
The original is already shit. There's nothing to fuck up. inb4 buttmad babbies rush to defend their 1st thinkgen man's animu which introduced them to history and classical music
>Cyborg 009
The CG in the new movies aren't even by Production I.G.

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Le cute grill shower xDD omg this is so discussionw orthy! Muh dick ahaha!

Jesus christ, /lit/ was right. I better stop watching anime.
If you want to jerk off, watch a hentai or something. Stop feeding into this cheap shit the industry does for money without effort. You piece of trash.
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Top two shows this season are isekai. Are you preparing for a new age of anime?
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Dungeon seeker anime when? It will BTFO everything
Would watch it honestly, I like the "solo MC facing broken monsters" concept, even if it could be better, we need more manga/Anime like that. Wonder what kind of artstyle the Anime would have, definitely not the manga's.

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This is Laura. Say something nice about her.
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She has a very sweet-tasting pussy.
You helped me through middle school
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No, this is Laura.

What did she mean by this?
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Anal fisting is dangerous.

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What do you all think of Q.Ko-chan? It's nuts. Ueda needs to make more stuff tbqh
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I fucking love his art style and I wish he did more.

Give his FLCL manga a read too.
I have. I really love it, in a very different way from the anime. Am I right in saying that he's only really made two mangas, both two volumes? That sucks.
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Yeah, either it got canceled or he got tired of it. I'm not sure.

I also love the shit he's done for Monogatari, if only the endings.

Naturally I bought this.

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It's been a while since I've been this blueballed by a manga.
Was it too hard to give us a chapter where they're both married with deaf children in his hairdresser saloon ?
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Wait for the movie. Though probably not
spoiler my shit, what happened
Nope no romance conclusion in the movie

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What the fuck is a takkun?
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Why don't you just join >>153082192 for now?
Your typical X Man world with special powers and shits.

The main character is ridiculous weak, but somehow can manage to win other Female characters because it is his special power.

Together with his best friend, a total bro dude with the power to gender bend people, he begins to conquer the world.

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Kill yourself, newfag.
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Fucking spoiled... Wow.
Been meaning to pick this series up, but now what? Fucking hell...
Well there is more than 50 chapters after that if thats any consolation

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Would you pat her on the head /a/?
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When her alarm goes off.
I'd pat her on the head and fuck her in the vagina, if you know what I mean.
>if you know what I mean

I don't follow

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Is this illegal?
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It's literally not.

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Truly the Evangelion of Card Games
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>tfw you wannabe the perfect
>arc v generals might finally have died out
>this faggot brings it back

Fuck off.
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why is tomato a best?

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