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>OP by mami kawada
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>OP by Sumi Shimamoto
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>OP by fripside
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>OP by jam project
>OP by nothings carved in stone
>OP by man with a mission
>OP by boom boom satellites

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Say if someone wanted to make a series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... but at the same time, a new thing with its own unique identity. What would it need, besides original characters and a new word for Stands? What aspects of Jojo would it need to carry over, and what about it should be original, or taken from something else?
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Stop asking for fanfiction ideas
Instead of stands you could call them seats.

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Why did nobody tell me this show was garbage. These are some of the worst backgrounds I've ever seen. Did anybody ever actually finish this?
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Have a pity (you).

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This didn't teach me shit.

Also Natsu is kind of a bitch
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good thread

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People don't wear underwear under their yukata right?
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Not unless they're filthy western-influenced degenerates.
Special undergarment if necessary, yes but I think mostly no and it's just one layer since Yukatas are for everyday situations during summer and smaller festivals. Kimonos have 6 billion layers of shit you have to wear and are as heavy as God's balls so you'll be glad to not have to wear even more crap.
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Some might wear fundoshi.

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If you haven't go down to check Ironman's explanation, you should be dropped for /a/ for overly low intelligence.
She even said that it's not exactly that she can't sweat, but she only sweats a little bit.
OP is a clumsy Dullahan.

>try to watch an anime directly after watching a kyoani show
>cant unsee how shitty and lazy it looks in comparison

anyone else know this feel
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Post Reina
Just shine a flashlight on your screen, should emulate that good old fashion Kyoani over the top bloom
Yes. You just have to accept that no animation studio can compare to KyoAni, lower your expectations next time.

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totally not a thumbnail.jpg
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>show starts out good
>nice plot
>moe blobs, whatever
>a little funny
>it hits you with a beach episode

Is this shit for real?
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There is literally nothing wrong with umi da.
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dumb sataniashitter

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new favorite anime
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This week's episode was pretty nice

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Cringe. Get out.

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>he still thinks Kaato is going to be the MA

Ever since Damo got Damo'd, it's been pretty clear who the big bad is: Joshu
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Threadly reminder that we're getting:

Great Festival happening on the 19th
>Event announced 2 months after the first airing of DiU (June 21st)
>DiU cast doing things
>Performance of CNBT, Chase, and Great Days at the event
>Possible reveal of either the Rohan OVA or Vento Aureo

New JJL chapter coming out near the 17-18th
>Spoilers a couple days before
>Highway Star 2.0
>Yasuho might do something with the tooth
>More Gappy

WonderFest Winter 2017 starting on the 19th
>SASs: Gyro (Painted), Johnny (Prototype*), Funny Valentine (Prototype*), and D4C (Prototype*) *They could also be painted, but this is the first time we'll be seeing them so we don't know.
>Statue Legends: Rohan, Giorno, Gold Experience, Bruno, and Sticky Fingers
>Maybe more?
Now post the pastebin as well!
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Are you trying to kill us?

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I came here to laugh at you.
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Don't forget to clean up after that.
[Dane Cook voice] thank you so much I've been dreaming of this day for so long
Why is Mugi so retarded? That's not the kind of glasses you wear on the beach.

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did any other anon go to one of the Ghost in the Shell 1995 screenings tonight? Subs at my theater were shit, they disappeared off screen during a couple lines and in the ending chapel scene "memories" was somehow translated as "memes"

Ive seen this movie 6 times and I still dont fully get it. I thought I understood it completely last time I saw it
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bump am i the only one who likes this movie?
Hardly, but I wasn't even aware there were screenings
Good movie. I still can't believe that me and OP were so close.

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What does this pose even mean?
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>What are you doing down there anon?
Anon-kun, your phone.
it's a jojo reference

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Probably one of the most terrifying creatures in HxH, and it's barely shown, what a shame
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I'm more terrified of pretty much every creature seen in the Dark Continent map
He's a purple puppy.
What's so scary about that?
I find Brion to be the creepiest thing.

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