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Cha La Head Cha La.
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When Yamcha was relevant. But I'm fine with Roshi taking his spot as a Z fighter. It panders to my nostalgia so much.
Why doesn't gohan go super saiyan after getting the powerup in the buu arc, but he does go super saiyan in DBSuper?
Good find guys. Looks like there'll be no conclusive answer until it's made canon. Hopefully the upcoming arc might give us an answer via another universe.

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So, why did it turn to shit after season 2?
I don't want to believe that the narrator was actually the best part of the show
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The first season had a lot of anime original content, the others were close manga adaptations - and they didn't even attempt to appeal to viewers of the first season at all. Season 2 adapted again a couple of chapters that already were in season 1, while season 3 just jumped ahead and made no sense if you weren't following the manga.

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Why are 142s the most attractive idols?
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They used to be until Sachiko brought her parents along and ruined everything
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Because it has Sachiko, of course.
You talking shit about Yuki, faggot?

I never asked for this.
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What did you ask for and who did you submit your request to?
I said to Yamaguchi-san he should do a light hearted comedy, not a light hearted actually deep fucking drama.

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BanG Dream!
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their dream is to get banged by faceless old men?
Does Kasumi have any idea how to play the guitar?
I feel like this is a topic that should be addressed at some point.
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She has probably learned a few Basic Chords

The title comes from Bushiroad CEO's dream to end the Idol Age by banging up the competition with headshots and bringing about the Girl Band Age.

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So she's pretty much on the spectrum right?

the cute spectrum but seriously she's pretty retarded
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Not seeing Yui's unique intelligence makes the autist.
Retarded means slow, but she's actually pretty quick on the uptake.
It's just that she normally doesn't care to learn anything.

makes the autist what?

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Does anyone know what episode this is from?

Also Mikan thread, I suppose.
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Learn to WAIT.

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Not that I'm betraying Botan, but the main girl can be cute too in her own way.
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chapter 23 thread is here >>153272667
She can be very cute indeed. I really want to see how she progress from here and out.

Also, it's pretty funny how despite she being the main girl there's not interest in chapters with her as the main focus and with almost zero Botan in it.

/a/nons are so biased, not that Botan is not best girl though.
I like both of the girls but the way Botan's character developed was great. That's why she quickly became the best girl for me. I can't wait to see how Aoi will develop from here on but I don't think she'll surpass Botan for me.

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>"stands only can being damaged by other stands"
>Then THIS happens

someone explain me
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Isn't her Stand ability to turn her own body to Stand-string? She probably turned the surfaces she struck with and just didn't unspool them.
>What is an unreliable narrator?
For a long time everybody believed the stars were immune to change. That was part of what people admired about them.
Earth was chaos. The planets above were structured in their movements. The stars above were forever.
And then one of those stars suddenly exploded.
Her ability is that of string manipulation, her entire body is a string.
Therefore, she can touch stands.

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Semen filler chapter this time around.
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Was it rape?
>you'll never get your own comfort Chidori

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No, seriously?
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You didn't buy the laserdisk.
No one buy the Blu-rays of anime .

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Go home witch you're drunk
Akane can ride my dick as much as she wants.
>Akane was the only one left out of the type 90 doujin
Fucking why?

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This is your DJ for tonight.
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>no tonkatsu
He's shit.
There is already a thread up>>153317283
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>shitty bait thread

no thanks senpai

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Episode in 24 hours!
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First for best boy
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I swear to God this episode better at least be passable.
How pitiful that this is how far /a/rc-v has fallen

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