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Tonight is the night!
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>tournament ends
>Zen'o prepares to destroy 11/12 of the multiverse
>Goku tries to plead to him, but he won't listen
>suddenly, the Lord of All, Zen'o's father, appears
>it's Akira Toriyama
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>>suddenly, the Lord of All, Zen'o's father, appears
I hope something like that is gonna happen! Maybe not father, but older brother and says: "don't do stupid things you little shit"
>there's a level of deity above Toriyama
>it's the people responsible for Shonen Jump
>they start the Shonen Jump tournament
>Goku fights against other Shonen Jump characters
>the losers get their series canceled

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Today, the Semifinals start
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Episode in 4 hours.
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Is Garland /ourguy/?
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MASTER Roshi.jpg
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This new Opening is so good.


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Seiren - lewd.png
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What did he mean by this?
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He is a faggot that would rather fuck Ikuo than any of the other girls that are throwing themselves at his cock.
What do you mean by this?

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Since its over, and they are behind like 70 chapters or something, probably never
That is upsetting

Did best girl Maki win the megurub-owl?

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raoh den.jpg
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ITT: Animes that exist
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I cry.jpg
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Does anyone know where this is from?
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it's from ifunny, see, it says right there?
maybe you should go and stay there

We will never see this cutie brutally murdered, will we?
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Stop reminding me it's on hiatus
She will, not yet.
I want to see Gin finding a human area somewhere in the DC supported by democratic government fighting against the Empire, enlisting as a soldier under the command of Yang Wen-li, whereas young Reinhard is slowly rising; and Pariston the business country(Avant Heim) leaded by some other race (Flugel) too sentient to be called calamities and cooperating with both sides of the area, actually trying to fuck them too, then Pariston trying to overthrow their boss to fuck some more shit up. Don Freecs being some sort of Skull Knight, and Hiei and Asuka being part of Beyond's team, Asuka actually being manipulated by NERV in order to achieve the Instrumentality Project in the HxH world(that's how the arc will end, with Beyond,Gin,Pariston,Killua who were still in the real world, Gon, not the Troupe or Princes since they're all dead, the Zoldyck still alive since the conflict involving Illumi/Whole Family/Killua and a few others rejecting the Instrumentality. Then the ending will be a post-apocalyptic world where Gyro, who realized that now that everyone's dead, he just has to be a King ruling the survivors, so he became a leader, and Gon follows him along with Welfin, Hina, Bizeff
Illumi finally accepting the Instrumentality, having a sudden change of mind like "now it doesn't matter anymore", let the rejecting Killua and Alluka having peace of mind. They're the only Zoldyck still alive, somewhere in the Human World.
Yang died before Instrumentality, but Reinhard didn't, and rejected it, along with Oberstein, now understanding that he always was his most loyal subordinates. They both decide to find survivors and rise to the top again.
Kurapika accepting Instrumentality now that every spiders are dead thanks to him and Hisoka(who almost died but got saved by Kurapika in order to thank him, he obviously rejected Instrumentality and went his way, disappearing), Leorio rejected and helped survivors
Last page seeing a glimpse of everyone
Was Alluka a male?

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Episode 6 In 1 more day,

what would akkos mecha name be?
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a long one that makes the acronym Shiny Chariot
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>19 hours and 30 minute until next episode

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How do we stop Kuzu no Honkai?
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You don't. You embrace it.
Why do you want to stop it? It's cute little drama.
The ending better not be some anime original shit.

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Why do all of Locon's characters have the same face? Are they the same person but in different multiverses?
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She's not the only mangaka with a sameface problem.
It's the eyes.
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When you draw the perfect trap face, why change it?

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Who wins and why?
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Tell me about the wind
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Something else also rises.
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It blows.

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How many times has this plot point/plot device been used?
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Not nearly as many times as Fujiko being a bitch and Lupin being a pussywipped idiot.

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Thats a succ not a sipp
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tanya sip.jpg
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I feel bad for laughing at this.

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