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Why doesn't Tanya just tell them that smoking may cause cancer?
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Judging your boss's way of life. That's sure to get you promoted.
and cause a panic among the officers leading the empire?, its world war 1.
Drunken sex with Tanya Doujin when?

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Netflix™ Original anime !


>Yeah it's actually out. It looks like garbage, but hey it's Cyborg 009. Hoping it's better than RE:. Cyborg 009 vs Devilman was cool.
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learn to greentext

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Haven't seen one in days, how come?

The deluge of raws from C91 has finally slowed down, and people are beginning to translate the mountain of moonrune-locked material.

A few days old now, but Asanagi's Victim Girls 22 finally got a non-machine translation

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Why are doujin from gag manga series so good?
I could seriously believe this was made by the same guy, the humor is as good as the source material's

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Is there a way for me to order these?


Doesn't toranoana ship overseas too?
You could alwayd use a proxy service

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Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Punch Man, Prison School...

Why do good manga derail themselves with fifty filler chapters of utter shit?
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>Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Punch Man, Prison School...
>good manga
>Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Punch Man, Prison School...
>good manga

Yes, because we all have the same tastes anon...

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Stop fapping to my doujins
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Don't ask for the impossible
anal idolu
Fuck off cross-boarder.

Rate this season,anon
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>Pust Handshakers in the same bracket as Seiren and Masamune/Scums Wish.

Delete this.
Is there anything worth watching past episode one aside from Maidragon and LWA? Even LWA has gotten stale, though.
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Dropped quite a few
And i dont watch moeshit/girls only shows

So this is a show about female masturbation right?
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That kitty needs a dicking so bad.
She keeps talking about the different ways to play with her pussy, and now she just became friends with a rich girl who didn't have anybody else to talk about masturbation with.

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He isn't.

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Since I've recently moved, I've been playing with the idea of putting together a mediacenter/nas-thingy for all my anime and TV needs.
Something with small power consumption so it can be left on always to snatch releases would be nice I guess. From what I read so far the stuff recommended seems to be plex + sonarr + deludge or sabnzbd, but plex transcoding seems to require good hardware and would probably break my bank.

Any recommendations? Also if you have something like that please do post your build.
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I was posting here because of the specific requirements for anime, seems like there's a lot of extra stuff to get decent meta data and so on specific to anime. But I guess I can move to /g/

I've got an Acer Aspire Revo I bought a few years ago hooked up to a 48" LCD TV in the main bedroom. It connects to the home server.

Server has Plex installed, but I also use Kodi on the client depending on what I'm watching. Plex comes in handy streaming to cell phone when I'm down the boozer.

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Who wins?
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Jojo wins
Saiyan bodies still have pressure points.
Hokuto shinken is invincible.

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wo nerae

OP is wearing blue pantsu
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ITT: Characters that have absolutely nothing redeemable about them
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What about Nanjo?
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Definitely nothing redeemable here.

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The one with her eyes closed.
Middle. Why are they autistic and were are they from.

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Welcome To Japari Park, please enjoy your stay and have fun.
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You'll never leave!
Deepest anime in this season.
I'm serious.
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Bad End

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English chap is out
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>sense releases 338 with nip still in the background
>no sign of 337 by them

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Eh, it's something at least.

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