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What's with all the quips in between fights? Is this the poor man's capeshit or what?
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It's satire.
Don't watch it, don't read it
Just go back to whatever bargain bin shit you were partaking in
>main character has a cape
>wants to become a (super)hero
>"Is this capeshit?"

Also, give ViviEin back.
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>half the fanart is something dirty

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The most momentum animation in Japan now
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Is there a need for a general?
It has even already a thread here!

Was it kino?
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No. Manga started fine but then fell apart.
The movie is another example of KyoAni turning trash to gold.

I've heard that two people in Japan made a gay hentai staring two of the brothers from Otamatsu-san. I was thinking about getting it for my friend for their birthday. I figured if anyone could give me a lead to find it, it was /a/. Sadly, I don't have much to go on.
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Open your gay hearts to me, please.
It's gay real porn not hentai.
I see...thank you, is there anyplace to watch it? A torrent maybe?

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How did a cute SoL manga become a total incest one?
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It's a light-novel.
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Exec finally let the author do whatever they want
Where should I read them then? I'm a pretty big pleb and just started going into mangas/light novels.

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Why is she so best?
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urara turned her into used goods
More like POORARA
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She isn't though.

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Poor man's Guilty Crown
It's by GoHands, so it's got a great colour scheme and great modern city design.

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What expression is this face trying to convey?
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Frustration with neckbeards not getting she is meant for Okabe.
Farted and can't blame it on anyone else.
She wants her husbando's D.

>you will never save your buddy with a smile that smug
Why bother living?
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Those guys weren't buddies
Close enough

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What was her name again
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oh no

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Convince me to start watching anime again.
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Eat shit and die.
Anime is shit. Fuck off.

No "normies don't like it but it has a fanbase on /a/" examples. Genuinely obscure stuff with nothing approaching a real fanbase.
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Osu!! Karate Bu: I guess it was either briefly very popular in Japan in the late 80s/early 90s because it got an OVA & live action movie, but then it fizzled out completely. No one in the west ever gave a shit aside from Hokuto no Gun and the small handful of people who like the specific sub-set of "old school manly anime/manga" they tend to cover (thanks for finishing Ashita no Joe S1 by the way instead of stopping at the point where S2 took over like a lameass, by the way!)

I'm reading/watching it and really liking it. It might not have the best comedy, action or drama but I love seeing this type of gags & goofy characterization mixed with dead serious moments. Art-wise the author doesn't really understand anatomy or perspective very well unless he's trying really, REALLY hard for a panel (or maybe getting help from assistants) but it's great at getting across emotion and atmosphere and has the kind of "no fucks given" style I like that invents a lot of good poses and expressions.

Will probably be "eh" if you don't share the author's sense of what is cool or charming but it's worth a shot.
Also the OVA adapts some shit wrong but overall it's good and has great production values as OVAs of the time tended to
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>Kinnikuman thread on /a/ once every 2 months
>always find it on the archive since it occurred at like 3 AM
>got 5 posts before expiring

I'd kill for just one good thread where I can discuss my favorite wrestling matches and choujin. The closest I can get is a few posts every 5 SH Figuarts threads on /toy/.

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Ne, anta! You better be glad you have such a CHO kawaii imouto, understand? Understand?! Good. N-now stop staring at me like that. Mattaku! Just how much of a sister lover are you? Kimooooooo~
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Kirino you are shit. Stop posting anytime
I'm not looking at you; the sight of forced winners disgust me to not end.
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Oh god, I read it on her voice.

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So Despera is a prequel to Lain right?

You can't just make the protagonist look like Lain and call her Ain and pretend its not related to Lain
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Lain rhymes with rain, Ain with Einstein
but what about the iconic long left strand of hair?

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