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Why is no one talking about the upcoming new adaptation of Legend of the Galactic Heroes? Is it coming out in 2017 or are they just starting work on it in 2017?

Also Kircheis is best girl
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we were talking about it tomorrow where the fuck were you. anyway, there's no worthwhile news since the initial announcement so we don't know
Almost 2 years since the announcement and nothing new. I hope it's not dead in the water.
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I hardly browse /a/ since I really don't watch much anime anymore. Though Legend of the Galactic Heroes as well as Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist are right up my alley. I hope the new adaptation does come out and I hope they don't fuck it up like injecting so moe character.

okay.... did Cecily seriously get raped or not? no one seems to be saying anything conclusive.
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I mean, they show things but don't say anything conclusive...
I mean this series started light hearted, but now... what the fuck?
Yes at first, but no later because author retconned it

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this mango/show and onanimaster kurosawa were such wild rides
where can i find more coming of age stuff
i want to read about the stuff i missed out on
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Kuzu no honkai
you just want to fap, faggot. your garbage
The fact this never got an S2 because of its art style is fucking criminal.

Japanese people are fucking plebs who don't appreciate art. Aku no Hana was a masterpiece.

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Onii-chan! Buy me Geimu!
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There you have, play it in your gaimboi.
fuck off back to /vg/

What if people just jumped over? What if they just jumped to the right or to the left, where there is no barrier?
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it's better than nothing and people are more likely to jump from the front
Because people who commit suicide usually aren't 100% set on doing so. It's a momentary decision with permanent consequences, but if you increase the failure rate or delay the consequences from the decision then they basically just give up many times.

This is why people who commit suicide with a gun almost always succeed and people who commit suicide with pills basically fail and then give up.
Not entirely true. Men use guns and are generally competent. Women half-ass the job with pills/other 'peaceful' methods and survive more often even though they make more attempts.

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Say hi to Mokah
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Draw nudes
You didn't even say hi.
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Say hi to Emilia

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FACT: Killing off Frenda was a detriment to the sales figures of Raildex.
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Season three must never see the light of day, Frenda must live
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Bring Fre nda back, Kamachi ;_;

She's never gone so long as she's in our hearts.

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is there an anime where there is no sexual tension between siblings or atleast not so sexual that it's creepy?
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Recommendation threads aren't allowed. Follow the rules.
no i serieously need to know if there is such a thing as a an anime with no incest,i just need to know if that even happened
Yes there is, now fuck off

Next Mariydi volume is actually happening, holy shit I can barely believe it.
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>Mariydi volume
Is that confirmed? If so I'll be hyped.
Mariydi a shit. A SHIT.
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That's a first. What's up with the random hate? Mariydi is one of the best HO. Period.

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It looks really good! It's a shame that such good animation was wasted in a shitty story.
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You fell for the story meme
What's shitty about the story?
Perfect blue was better

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Didn't this thread just die?

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I don't remember her voice being so annoying in the novels.
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That's because you read the dub you idiot, of course it wasn't the same.
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She has the voice of a true old lady

Is this a monster girl or boy?
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she is aryan that's for sure.
A monster goy
It's a monster cum dumpster.

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Any news about 2nd season? Is it just a cheap meme or is there actual info about it?
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Over the garden wall was a good anime.

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is this manga the greatest of all time?
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It was shit desu
not funny at all
I finished reading it moments ago. Was great.

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