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Which JoJo character would you choose to be your valentine?
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New buyfag thread

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monkey a cute
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Is this your picture or did you borrow it from someone else?

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Why was Mai such a slut?

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I want to have sex with her voice.
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So relaxing.

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How did Araki came up with so many good designed characters in SBR but treated them like shit?
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Was he homo for Valentine?

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Valentine's Day is tomorrow /a/, have you already made plans with your oao and made reservations at dakimura-friendly resturants?
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That last scene of Keit-ai was a mindfuck.
At least it proved that the straight man could have a sense of humor in a time of crisis.

>Old MC is corrupted and becomes the big bad for the new mc to fight
I love this trope
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Not really. MC needs the power of darkness to beat the evil boss. The role of kid is only to fight MC and help him get more power.

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We Yu-Gi-Oh! now?
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Bullying stupid Satania never gets old.

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So anon, which 2Dgirl will you spend this Valentine's Day jerking off to?
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I'm fine with 2D girls so long as the D stands for dick.

Your waifu's what?

Is Koyomi a sick lolicon?
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Even worse, he's in denial.
He can't be a lolicon if he's about as tall as the lolis
only oddity lolis. he doesn't care about regular human lolis

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How do you deal with constant sexualization and degenerate doujinshi of your waifu /a/?

I'm tired of opening pixiv/danbooru and see nothing but lewds or rape/mindbreak doujinshi popping up on sadpanda. Not to mention ecchi fanarts and cropped porn posted here everytime.
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Im not autistic enough for a waifu
I masturbate.
My waifu doesn't even have so i don't worry about it.

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shit the series.jpg
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If you thought this was bad you haven't seen Evangeline or any Miyazaki movie
was funny when people started to praise it for its self aware humour. as if we're supposed to enjoy a shitty show because at least the staff acknowledge they made a big pile of shit.

The series isn't actually, dead. It only changed publishers, who knew?

Field destroyer thread.
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Are they all still insane?
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Yes, and I love it for that.
Train noises.


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Sou Ka

I know a lot of people fault NGE for it's use of christian imagery as some fad like obsession the Japanese have with foreign culture.

But diving a little deeper into some of the references it looks like Anno had a pretty solid grasp and even managed to illustrate a few old Hebrew (Kabbalistic) ideas.
The chamber of guf is an ancient concept, a treasury of souls, from which all souls originate and all unborn souls reside.
It is said that the chamber houses Adam Kadmon, the primordial being, the size of the Universe, all souls once returned to Adam and the Chamber until the destruction of the first temple.
The Angel Gabriel still imbues all human beings with a soul taken from the chamber, a part of Adam's soul (Lillith in NGE)

During third impact, a ball of souls, presumed to be those souls that had left Adam (lillith, lillin, humanity) return to the palms of Rei (the seed of life, possibly a scaled embodiment of the primordial being.)
This seems to embody a sort of return to creation that EOE bases it thematic core around, a return to the chamber of guf, to Adam, a mass of souls.
The being of Kadmon is described as amorphous and androgynous, like the morphing giant that is at once Rei and Kaworu.

I think that Anno had a much deeper appreciation for his inspiration than many think, Evangelion really is like a new gospel. It feels weird to say that, but EOE feels almost biblical.
Has anyone else taken the deep dive into the spiritual aspect of all this shit? I'm 20 years late to the party but this is some deep lore.
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Thinking that it's all meaningless is just as dumb as taking it too seriously and going too deep.
Is it accidentally esoteric writing though?
Did Anno write a porous story and fanboys like me filled in a lot of non-existant holes?
There's a lot of references

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When, Toriyama?
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there is no tension for goku and freinds as we have seen a point beyond
Disprove this
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Leave Goku to me.
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>anime colors

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