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Wedding soon.

Expectations on how things will go down?
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Weddings will be wrecked
The whole purpose of the Law-Strawhat Alliance is to take away the external powers of the Yonko. We took away Smile production which will greatly harm Kadios power without fighting Kaido directly. Maybe this arc we see a mistrust and separation between Big Moms political marriages which will weaken her without weakening Big Mom directly
Stream still going.
Blueno fight just started. Ohara soon.
Be nice.

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Which one?
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Akame > Chelsea > Esdese > Leone > who cares
>no Esdesu

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>Youjo Senki - 6.5
I haven't really watched this show yet, but what the fuck? A recap in a 12 episode show? They struggling with the budget or something?
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>struggling with the budget
Happened with Gangsta. They did a recap near the end as a last ditch effort to try and make some money back and it failed.

NUTS seems to be a pretty small studio so it wouldn't surprise me if this show is underperforming for them.
Nigga, it's the production, not budget issue. They barely managed to finish episode 6 before airing and now they need some more time.

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How big is too big?
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You don't have to go bigger than the point where they can already completely engulf a cock between them, it's unnecessary.
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We can go bigger.
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Anything bigger than that is too big.

Drone strike time
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dat assfang

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Didn't Tappei said WN update would happen in the beginning of 2017?
Where is my Rem waking up chapter?
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We're at 13% of 2017
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>Tappei is pulling a Miura on us
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Is Rem Casca?

Thoughts on the new episode?
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Pretty much stopped caring about Hanabi when she started making out with that older dude. Even if she's a virgin, you're still a slut if you're willing to make out and be felt up with anyone and everyone. Sense deserves better than these bitches.
The point is that none of them are good people, they all have their problems and are mentally unstable in one way or another.
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If it wasn't for Takuya's sexual cravings and Hanabi's purity I would've dropped the show right here.

There's a limit to what you can cuck and this crosses it.

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Draw and get /a/rt and stuff
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Requesting massive May mammaries.
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Requesting YMO's album cover for X∞Multiplies recreated with Rei clones.
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Requesting your own interpretation of Mai Natsume when it was a guy, without the ponytail and hair less longer than its in pic related. Try to make him less girly.

Why aren't you watching the AOTY?
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Kill yourself.
Because most shows that get spammed on /a/ as much as this one is being spammed is garbage.

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Lord Melloi case files

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best girl reporting in.
Sweet release of death.

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Would you be okay to have more actual gay couples in your anime? (no yuri/yaoi pandering)
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Only if the narrator points out that they will have a sad and hopeless future and that they are not going to heaven, every time they make out.
It doesn't exist son
you dont exist.

It's finally over if anyone cares. It actually had a nice happy ending. Here are the gook scans.

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I hate it.
Why? I was expecting it to end like the author's previous work. The only thing I do dislike is how unnecessarily long this series went on for.
cute chapter after having only watched the anime

Which one do you self-insert as?
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None, unless you are retarded idiot.
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>self-inserting as a girl

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There's no way they are going to cover that arc, it probably going to end with Shimada getting destroyed by shogi Jesus. It's really a shame, if they had adapted 3 chapters per episode they could have done it. As it stands now, the anime is going to be really forgettable
Won't happen unless they get another season. This episode ended at chapter 38, the bullying arc starts at 51, and there are only 4 episodes left

This should have gotten popular instead of that Kemono soulless garbage
Fuck japan and their shit taste
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Otaku feel threatened by lesbians.
KyoAnusfags BTFO yet again.
Then why is everything /u/ bait?

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