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Redeeming aspects of shit anime

I'll start

Naruto- side characters
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One piece- World Building

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Has fan service gone too far?
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>fan service
>gone too far

No such thing.

>dose collarbones
Its Sundome right?
Fuck I need to finish it, anyone remember what year was it that this caused a ton of shitstorms here?
Probably the NTR bait.

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Soo not kawaii
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who redditgahara here?

I was wondering if someone knew If this girl is from a anime/manga series?
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Use google or >>>/wsr/.
Look at the file name you imbecile.

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download (4).jpg
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What is it about anime that attracts such a degenerate fan base? Half of anime fans are reddit tier nu-males, and the other half are gay "femboy" "boipussi" fags.
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And you're in the crossboarder camp, what's worse?
You said a mouthful. Anime is degenerate by its very nature. It's fucking nerdbait. So you can just go back to beating your dick to whatever interests that get your goat and forsake this one. Just know that your shittalk only makes the fanbase stronger.

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gundam tier.png
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Gundam thread
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This thread's already shit.
Anything that has IBO as bad is great
> Seed Destiny
> Perfect
You're not even trying, are you?

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Defend this
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Part of a quirky style.
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It's rad
>blue-furred one-eyed monster
>Why isn't her mouth positioned like a human's?

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Screenshot (550).png
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Underrated girl.

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>Even if you don't have War Thunder keep reading
What's good /a/,

I'm looking to organize an inter-board tournament similar to the concept of Senshado, featured in the show "Girls und Panzer".

For shit and giggles of course, nothing serious yet.

Anyways right now we're looking at using War Thunder for this, and since it's inter-board we're going to have at least 8 boards with their own teams before this gets serious.

We have somewhere close to 45 people interested in playing already, across just 3 boards we've asked so far.

Most teams are starting fresh so don't worry about not having an account. Unlike World of Tanks, basically all the tanks that you earn within 20-30 hours of playtime are viable against the tanks we're using.

If you have any questions let me know, have a lot of stuff worked out right now that won't be added until we get to a "general" thread.

If you have some extra time on weekends or Fridays evenings it won't kill you to at least say you're interested.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RMPNnaw

>sorry for the intrusion mods

Feel free to hit up either the thread or the discord (better if you use both) and get involved.

Nothing is really set in stone yet, so there's a lot you can still participate in doing.
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Bump because you guys might enjoy this
Bump again, I'll see if this thread gets anywhere otherwise I'll move on and check later
I hate tanks. They are the worst.

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Friendly reminder that cats>dogs.
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A good dog girl beats any catgirl.
Well obviously, OP.

Though I never fully realised how superior cats were until I bought my Maine Coon. Goddamn this cat is fucking awesome.

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Why is there still no soft vore anime, not even short or ova?
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because it's gross and makes no sense if you think about it. Just watch this starting at 5:50.
>implying anime makes sense
Shingeki no Kyojin S2 comes out this year

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I just finished watching hibike euphonium. I watched both seasons and it only took me less than a few weeks.

I was at my limit trying to find something worth watching that i thought it was actually my fault for coming up empty-handed. I tried to pick up a few shows from this season too, but i end up forgetting about them along the way out of not really having anything to come back to that could keep me interested.

I was going to give up, and that's when i found this gem.
Why doesn't the industry shift its focus away from the shit we get shoved in our faces every season and put out more stuff like this?

Why is kyoto animation making a stupid fucking anime about a fucking dragon maid instead of making more content-rich stuff?

Why is the community as one content with this stuff?

Also if you would recommend more stuff like hibike euphonium i'd be thankful, that'd keep me from being bitter on here as well.
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>I was at my limit trying to find something worth watching, until I finally stumbled upon this hugely popular show from last season that I hadn't heard about because I'm a casual newfag piece of shit
>also thinly veiled rec thread
Kill yourself.
i know it was pretty popular last season but i still ended up missing out on it because i couldn't be bothered and i have reservations on watching anything from kyoani given their long-running tradition of making shit, moe-ridden anime

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ITT: anime you have rated higher just BECAUSE of their OP.
I'll start with a few:

91 days
mob psycho 100
berserk 2016
ajin s1
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it was already 10/10 but the OP is perfect
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>Log Horizon
>berserk 2016
It went from a 2 rounded up to a 2 rounded down.

I want to marry Taruko.
How do I proceed?
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Lure her in with a cheese burguer

Hi! I'm currently developing a Keijo!!!!!! fan game. I've just released the first version. Try it at:

It's still under development so it has bugs and many of the features haven't been implemented yet.

If you're interested in this project, follow our official Facebook page at:
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File: 1484775989034.jpg (43KB, 475x597px)Image search: [Google]
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I can't open the game because my antivirus detects a risk, but from the video it looks pretty intredasting. Do you already have an estimated completion date?
He is probably 13 and is going to release the game on steam greenlight in two weeks or something.
>I noticed a tiny black mole on my skin - I cant remember if I had it before

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