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What the fuck is HER problem?

She is actually a demon isn't she?

Are (((they))) trying to put a panty & stocking on us?
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I see that you also use VLC, excellent choice.
Fucking cancer.
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>that filename

Girls made only for bully
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yuki mori.jpg
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I know, right? That chain would actually be incredibly heavy.
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This is horrible

Yamato girls are not for lewds to pander hot glue freaks!
Is there an Analyzer figure to scale?

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Why has no other part of JoJo come close to being as good as Battle Tendency?
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Because you guzzle comical amounts of cum for a hobby
Battle tendency was good, but so were other parts. Steel ball run and Jojolion are Araki's best works.
DiU and SBR are both better, although Battle Tendency is among the best.

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Heard there was a new chapter today. Serizawa is back. Anyone gonna dump the raws?
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Seems not.
someone dump the raws.
fucking tumblr shitters translates too slow.
Don't be an ingrate, anon. They're just one day behind most of the time.

That being said please if screenshot anon is there plz upload your mega folder with the raws so I can translate.

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Talk to me
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Am I the only one that would be friends and adventure with Yunyun?
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Yunyun please stop posting.
We don't want you here.
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>Archpriest, Level 3
>Thief, Level 87
>Paladin, Level 100
>Mage, Level 24
Might be cool.
I'd adventure in her pussy if you know what I mean

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Why do you always give Shinka hell?
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Has /a/ forgotten about Kyonko?
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And Itsuko?

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Why isn't this a thing in anime more often?
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Because season 3 never
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We all know who is boss around here.

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Let's learn about electricity, together!

>Chapter 146: The Dark Arts
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>Narrator: A taser.
>N: A *non-lethal* stun gun weapon.
>N: By means of air pressure...
>N: A 6.3-meter cable is shot out.
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>N: Piercing through up to 5 centimeters of clothes,
>N: 50,000 volts of electricity pass through.
>N: Holding down the trigger keeps the electric current flowing.
>N: Thus, the threat is contained.

Now, let's start at a basic level of learning. I'll lead you through this, so don't be afraid.
Electric shock is the physiological reaction or injury caused by electric current passing through the (human) body.[1]
This means that it's not the *voltage alone* that determines the damage.
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>N: But, this time...
>N: The taser gun that Metropolitan Police Superintendent Iwama Tatsufumi had prepared was a special model.
>N: The enemy was none other than the master swordsman, Musashi.

How do we get 'current' from voltage, you ask? Well, it's confusing in technical terms, but easy in simple terms. Voltage divided by resistance (of the body) equals current (in amperes). Essentially, V/R = C

What the fuck? How didn't I know about this?
How is it?
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>anime & manga
>assassins creed MANGA
it's /a/ too
I'm surprised any mangaka would want to pick this up at all. It's a western series and one that's gone to shit at that. What the fuck is Titan Comics anyway?

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Can we mspaint thread?
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I just finished drawing the best mother of tears because I'm bored. How convenient.
>own mac
How do I do?

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S E A S O N - 3
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Do we really need 3 raildex threads

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Why the hell did she do this? And I'm not looking for 'durr, she loves him!' answer, I'm looking for specific reason why of all the times she would decide to kiss him at that exact moment
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Kill yourself dumb faggot

off to a fantastic start

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