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Fuck this is actually pretty good, 4 episodes in and it's a non-stop train :^) of fun.
Nice animation, fun cast, great music and visuals, but apparently it turns to shit, do i proceed or nah?
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It gets bad starting at like episode 7 or so, and just ramps up the retardation from there.

Episode 11 is the stupidest episode in an anime I've ever seen.
if you are enjoying it so much why the fuck would you stop watching it?
stop watching it when biba comes in, it goes shit to dogshit real fast

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>Show is called Flying witch
>They hardly ever fly
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Literally only called it that so they could go "wow, Makoto, you really are a <Flying Witch>!"
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i love this meme
>show is called kill la kill
>nobody is kill

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Dere Types.jpg
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Which Dere type do you see yourself with?

I think I'm most comfortable hitting on Dandere or Kudere
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Best type is Thugdere.
Tsundere > Kuudere > *dere

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It finally happens. I've been waiting for this to happen.
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H I N A.jpg
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This year will be Hina's year!
I can feel it!
It's not going to be Nagi's year that's for sure.

Time for tears.

Please don't let her win. Anyone bug Nagi, please. Open end over Nagi. ANYONE BUT NAGI.

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What is the "Star Wars" of Anime?
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Gundam maybe. Both are shit.
stars wars!! the animation
Evangelion, except it's actually good.

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what did she mean by this?
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"i'm a raging lesbian"
That she loves her senpai, duh?

just finished watching kimi no na wa.

it was beautiful.

i don't know how to feel right now.
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Waiting for BD rips master race here.
5cm/s was better
Redditor's anime movie starter pack.
It was 7/10 at best. Overused themes exploited decades ago and generic pricey art. Calling the director a hack wouldn't be a long stretch.

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>hurr being special doesn't make you special
Who is this horseshit appealing to?
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The point is that having a special talent or ability doesn't make you any less human. Power can corrupt, and absolute power can corrupt absolutely, people still need discipline to prevent themselves from being a danger to themselves or others.
>/a/'s still mad at this

>wake up
>look down
>you're a dragon maid

Now what?
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Holy shit I thought that was a face but it's just a maid dress.
kill myself

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I accidentally stumbled upon this hidden gem and don't remember ever seeing a thread about it on /a/. So let's talk about this!

Anyone else here seen Simoun?

Visually it is quite bad and it looks like the budget was small. The premise of everyone being a woman or feminized man is strange. Also, I hated the ending. It was truly bitter and unfulfilling. However, I love this kind of character driven show. I have never seen anything like this. Unlike many I do not believe that originality makes an anime better. But this anime truly attempts something great and does a good job at it.

I just wish this show could have ended in a generic happy ending where everything turns out great. Instead it made me feel sad and empty.
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Just download the OST, faggot. Thank me later.
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Come on faggots, is this anime really so unknown? Even though every time it gets mentioned it is praised?
I'm halfway through and I'm not ready for despair. Fuck you Op.

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3x3 anime.jpg
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Can we have a 3x3 thread?
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File: 3x3.jpg (217KB, 920x920px)Image search: [Google]
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Not even Kaiji can save such a shit 3x3

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Is this a good gambling manga?
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Yep, sure is. I watch partially for the babes, partially for the crazy, and partially for the gambling.
Gamble Fish is better
No. Guy should just do porn because he can't write worth shit.

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can we all agree this is the best form of digimon media?
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im not a really big digimon but the movie is fucking dope
I miss watching Digimon on VHS until the middle of the night.
Only the first half does it for me really. I can't follow any of the bullshit in the 2nd for the life of me.

The first is about kids saving the fucking internet and stopping nukes from being fired by a computer virus, Omnimon is so fucking hyp and while I wish all the digikids could play an equal role it's sort of wise to only utilize half of them fully to avoid too many cooks for a 45 minute flick.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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I am indifferent to it.

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The Frames from Code Geass are becoming a reality.

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There is something very horse-like about this thing.
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that thing is insane.

what a time to be alive.
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motherfucking boston dynamics does it again

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