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So /a/, are there any anime that are actually better than their manga/vidya version?
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We've had this thread very recently.

Ouran high school host club.

That's about all.

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> Yuyushiki OAV Komarasetari, Komarasaretari (Limited First Edition) Blu-ray 7,814
>Yuyushiki OAV Komarasetari, Komarasaretari (Limited First Edition) DVD 653

S2 when?
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Are there subs yet?
I guess nips really wants a second season, that's nice.
The disc sales that saved Risa Taneda.

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What is /a/ 's thoughts on this manga?
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only read it until chapter 57 so far. The art is great but like most manga/anime it feels pretty melodramatic.
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Couldn't have said it better myself
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It was great besides from the good vibrations shit.

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baseball anime vs soccer anime

Why is the soccer anime boring?
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baseball is bullshit.
football is better.
Yank has no idea how to play sports.
Because football is somehow an even more boring sport than baseball.
No strategy involved just mindlessly kicking a ball. An ape could do it.

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Last time in Alice in Bugland:
Domestic Violence
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ah, almost forgot
Special Guest: David Attenborough
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>find a new interesting manga to read
>it's a oneshot
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>find a new interesting manga to read
>last update 2013
>A manga is very good throughout and was apparently very popular in its magazine
>The author retired/died/only draws boatshit doujins now
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>you now remember that harem with a gay MC that will never get a full manga

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Just how much should a sister love her brother?
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Latrova SR card when?
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fourth for meiya strongest mabu rabu

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I went into this expecting an antihero like Guts not such an extremel moralfag knight templar whose biggest ambition is helping every fucking villager in the planet.
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>implying you are dissapointed

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Would you marry a Christmas Cake Widow?
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Sure. As long as the only other man she has been with is dead I don't care. I would make her get rid of that dumb shrine though.
What fucking use is she if she already fucked another man. She'll always be thinking about her husband when she fucks her new boytoy.

She even keeps the damn wedding ring on
>Would you marry a Christmas Cake Widow?
Widows are separate from Cakes. By definition a Widow had been eaten and is no longer cake, but is Ara-Ara.

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>– How about reasons why shows that may have sold well (like Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon) do not get more seasons?

>A member of the production team at Sunrise mentioned that the studio had no intention whatsoever to push for more because the series entailed tons of design work

>so despite being a fairly successful property it wasn’t really worth the effort for them

>for those unaware, Horizon has an endless cast of characters and a ridiculous mishmash of settings that makes the preproduction process much more complicated.


Well, so much for that, I guess
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So it's dead. Well fuck
Horizon is shit anyway, I would rather have more Accel World.
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damegami crying.webm
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>autistic flag waving

Jeanne is a good girl, isn't she?
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Nationalists are racist fucktards.
If you're going to post Jeanne at least post best Jeanne.

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ITT: Anime you cannot fucking believe you sat all the way through
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absolute duo

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Why are all shounen just about power creeps? I think HunterxHunter and yu yu hakisho were the only shounen I've seen that dealt more with using your toolset to win, rather than adding to it.
How do we fix it /a/? Why is this such a huge problem in the genre?
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>Yu Yu Hakusho
>not having power creep

What? Yusuke jumped up a rank literally every arc, especially when he was fighting a main villain.
Gash Bell, now fuck off.
Naruto, for all the shit it gets, was pretty good with this until the end where it completely freaked out. Kakashi just had his raikiri and sharingan, Kisame just had his water shit, and Itachi (aside from Izanami) had powers that were clearly defined pretty early in the manga.

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What job interview questions would you ask Satania?
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Can I be your slave?
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
>favorite position?
>is anal a no-no?
>do you mind handholding?

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Something looks wrong with her face there
Ooi Masakazu got way better when he switched from lolis to milfs. Ichinensei was good, but both Okusan and Ashitaba-san blow it out of the water.
Lolis werent the love interest in ichinensei so I really don't know what you're talking about. The story was about pairing the MC with big tits high school girl.

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