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>Japan's Ministry of the Environment Combats Climate Change With Moe Characters
Is there anything that anime CANT do?
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No, there is nothing that anime can not do.
Left is better.

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So... were the Italian Aliens stronger than Nurarihyon?

Gantz thread
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>Starting scene of the mission is the big Gantz suit crushed like a tin can
>the baby mooks are strong enough to pick apart perfectly fine suits
>the God of War 2 boss could shred Kurono with just the wind from his arms

They were basically glass cannons; they could wreck anything they touched, but they could be taken out with your basic weapons.

Would the aliens have been able to help repel the invasion if they worked with the Gantz?
they have Poseidon on their side
they can't be that strong
even Caligula won against him

I may be going crazy here, but I loved Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and thought I vividly remembered the opening of the first episode as being a very graphic one of Edwin and Alfonse trying to resurrect their mother.

Am I thinking of another series, have I just gone crazy?
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yeah, it had a hardcore screamo song to it
The very first scene of the first episode though, it was them transmuting their mother, graphic, extreme.... Now the first episode is starting with them in the military. I'm lost
FMA 2003

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Dead-pan Luffy.jpg
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Anyone else enjoy 4Kid's opening for One Piece unironically??
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It's the best opening for One Piece.
That's all there is to say on the matter.

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who would win?

Yamcha, the great beautiful and strong master of the wolf fang fist


Saitama, a bald dude with a stupid costume and a powerful fist?

keep in mind that Yamcha defeated even Suke, the powerful invisible man.
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kill yourself
Don't you think the better question is could mumen rider beat yamcha.
Also where would the rest of the gang be placed in hero rankings?
There _is_ a valid challenge for Saitama, but you need to crossover him with tabletop RPGs.

Both Exalted and Nobilis have ways to challenge him (and both have characters that can, IC, deal with his "gag protagonist" status.)

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I'm starting to really love Rachel, already planning of backstabbing Karaka made laugh uncontrollably

Still with alal those Chinese and Korean cartoons, where the hell is my Tower of God adaptation?
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Gookshit is not /a/-related, fuck off.
Rachel is terrible
why not actually post about the huge revelation in this episode?

it is, you should read the rules. Also I've gotta say, I hate Manhwa, but this is a damn good series
That is Wangnan.
You can fuck off now.

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Chapter 3 dump for you Gyaru fans out there
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the principal question is - who is the best Shirobako?
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Kantoku is best boy.

Yano is best girl.

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This is perfection
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sup mugi
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What do you think which will the ATOS?
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eromanga sensei has this in the bag.
all my niggas with the shits and we with the crips
Probably Saekano.

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This is not a loli. It's a cow.
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And cows taste delicious.
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kanna rain dance.gif
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Don't try to tell me what is or isn't a loli. I'm a big boy and I can make that decision myself.
Meat's back on the menu boys.

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Why was this such a letdown?
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Better concept than execution.
Generic isekai with edge and cuck twists.
Because it's pure shit, like all isekais.

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>Screens in UK
>Screens in South East Asia(SG,MY, Brunei)
>Meanwhile NA

Why the fuck did no one grab this? I'm starting to envy SEA for getting SAO earlier.
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I don't need no friends. I got my pole.


Why are they planning on releasing this shit so close to the BD release? Do they want another GuP?
United States is hard to release in because it is fifty times the size of any of those countries

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Which of you faggots watched this?
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The first anime I watch that did not air on TV. [Adult Swim, Toonami, Colours, SciFi (SyFy)]
I did and I've hated long haired anime men ever since.
I read some of the manga. still have a few volumes on my shelves. It was pretty. Pretty boring.

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I just started reading Berserk, Jesus Christ how can Guts' life get any worse? I got to the mid point of the eclipse event.

I love this manga, at this point I'm reading just to see how many ways destiny can fuck his life up. Easily the most sympathy I've ever felt for a fiction character. I love it.
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it doesnt get any worse than that yet
Why Griffith did nothing wrong thread.
[Puts grasses on]
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