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Is this show any good or just harem shit
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It's above average rom-com, not harem. Would have been better if the best girl had won.
Sure bud, harem shit. I think you should move onto your next thread of "What am I in for" or "Make my decisions for me" or "Wipe my fucking shitty asshole".
why are you so mad?

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Things -a- will never say.jpg
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Just finished watching the anime.
This was great fun. Worked well for temporarily filling the Saki-shaped hole in my heart until there's finally a new anime.
Where do I go from now on? I assume the manga isn't fully adapted and there are some Bamboo Blade B and Bamboo Blade C when I look up the manga. They're not even drawn by Igarashi, what a shame.
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Kirino looked so much like Monkey in some shots it was hilarious.
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Bamboo [ssg].jpg
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Also Tamaki was a really fun heroine.

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What is moe?
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A bartender from the Simpsons.
Baby don't hug me.
a mediocre tier-3 jam band

ITT: Anime only you remember.
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Best official art of all time.
delete this.
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I think it's shit now but I used to like it because I was dumb. decent fanservice I guess
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I was writing something but my browser crashed so i'll only type the tl;dr :

Unsalvageable garbage, even PLOT is shit.
I only read it to see how it's bad and to laugh at it.
Worst shonen
One piece=Naruto>Bleach>H&H>piss and shit>fairy tail
I think the girls are sexy, especially Erza and need a good fucking dicking.

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I went back to Batoto after not reading mango for a while and it's shit. Where do people read their mandarin scriptures now?
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I download them and read them on my tablet or computer rather than reading them online, because I'm not a newfag or a subhuman.
Your dad's asscrack
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>I download them and read them on my tablet or computer
what a waste of time and space

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what are your thoughts on trans characters?
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>Mutsuki shows how damaging and confusing rape can be
>Tumblr believes in gender fluidity
>Still mad when Mutsuki changes from girl to guy to girl
They're fine. But Mutsuki isn't trans, so pic unrelated.
Are there any?

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What has Satania taught you?
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Bullying is fun.
It's ok to bring guns to school.
She likes anal.

Just finished watching this anime, so let's have a thread not that I'm expecting it to live further than five posts at best.
This was a pretty interesting show that did a whole bunch of things quite differrent from how I expected it to go, starting with the very premise. I thought there'd be vampires and fantasy, not soul transfer and sci-fi
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>read the wikipedia description of characters

This sounds kind of awesome now.
I've thought about watching this several times, yet for some reason, I have trouble getting through the first episode. There's also the fact I see people shitting on the ending every time I see Fantastic Children mentioned.
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I saw this when it aired on Animax as a kid and I liked it a lot. I don't remember much of it now but the soundtrack was gorgeous.

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Can someone explain this anime to me? What is going on?
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You're falling in love
You'll understand as you go along. Unless you have finished it, then there's no helping you.
Its about loving lain

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Was Ringo real?
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Are we real?
Are mirrors real?

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A Summer episode in the middle of Winter.

I'm getting real fucking sick of this.

>inb4 I live in kangarooland n its summer here!!
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Are you also mad when it rains in anime but not where you live, you fucking autist?
Why does the show's seasons have to match the real world's seasons?
That's a bit different.

Because it's teasing me. I want it to be Summer.

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hyouka la la land.jpg
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So when is the author going to stop being lazy and make more books?

And when will KyoAni adapt the latest novel into a film. It would work perfectly as one
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If you have to ask, then the answer is never.
hyouka and la la land nice
>So when is the author going to stop being lazy and make more books?
Never ever

>It would work perfectly as one
>ends in a cliffhanger
Just, no.

They could adapt the standalone side-stories as series of OVAs but definitely not the main story where it ends on a bigger blue-balling scene than S1.

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Is anyone else pretty dissapointed with Little Witch Academia? It has had a few decent episodes, like this week's or the broom racing eps, but overall it's just disappointing to me. It's too episodic, it's not that funny, most of the main characters aren't anything special, and it's missing the badassery I expect from Trigger.

I'm not sure what went wrong here. Maybe it is Trigger failing from trying to do a "famoly anime." Maybe this is their attempt to really mimic Western cartoons, but it not working out. It's not terrible, it's just dissapointing.

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Western pandering.
File: mpv-shot0003.jpg (83KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Nova best girl
>It's missing the badassery I expect from Trigger

It was catering to retards like you that prevented any of their shows to be good. I'm glad we finally are getting a good one.

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The ending has already been published though.
you do know this is about one of japan's most fabled historical figures, right?

Why wouldn't it be long as fug, imagine a manga about Julius Caesar or Alexander (historie for example).
this nigger is muira-tier though, and even back in 2009-10 he was saying that it would be complete within a year

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