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I keep seeing so many secondaryfags/zerofags on /a/ and every where else and it's starting to piss me off.
Fate/Zero isn't canon, so stop saying its better.

>Kirei is said not to lie
>Kirei said all masters/servants except Kiritsugu/Saber and Kirei/Archer died in previous grail war
>Saber said that no one knew Archer(Gilgamesh)'s identity the whole grail war

>Archer is revealed as Gilgamesh
>Waver lived

Also some other dumb shit from Zero:
>Keyneth says that Kiritsugu is a 3rd-rate magus for using reality marble on himself, despite the fact that most magi can't even use a reality marble
>Kiritsugu is somehow able to fight Kirei (whose abilities are compared to a heroic spirit's in the VN) until it comes to a tie
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Was going to give a rebuttal but you bring up some valid points.

Let's just say that fate/zero is the timeline that brought about EMIYA. Which is none of the VN timelines. And F/Z is canon because everything Fate/ is canon because
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>Claiming archer isn't an amalgamation of various future Shirous (similar to how Shirou from Hollow Ataraxia is a combination of each Shirou from all 3 routes)
this also explains why Archer has knowledge of events from all 3 routes

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This is the best way to enjoy your anime even in 2017 prove me wrong
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>not hiding the menus and bars
Enjoy your

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Konosuba > Youjo Senki > Masaumne > Maid Dragon > Gabriel > Kuzu no Honkai

Okay season overall desu
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Konosuba > Youjo Senki > Gabriel Dropout > Maid Dragon > One Room
I havent seen the rest desu.

Konosuba > Youjo Senki = Gabriel Dropout >>>Maid Dragon
konosuba is all I'm watching this season because the rest looks like unadulterated trash so
konosuba > unadulterated trash

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How durable is your waifu?
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Why make a villain so pretty? I felt conflicted back in the day
She has a forehead the size of a space station and that's saying something in FB.

Are you into foreheads?
It stays true to reality.

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what is kanna licking, /a/?
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my dick
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[It's not my fault!]
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All these years later I'm still mad they didn't adapt the minus arc
This. The minus arc and the student council election were the best arcs in the whole manga. It could've ended with Zenkichi becoming president and I would've been happy.
『 I dont' think you understnad what the brackets are supposed to be, Anon. 』

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What makes her body type so perfect?
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Flat chest on an adult body.
She's hebe though, too tall to be a loli.

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Finally some dangerous monstergirls manga
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>seems happy and shit
The fuck is the bride's problem.
She married for cash only or something? Dunno. Like she got the best man as her prize/trophy and thus she seems little hunter-y there.
Don't the people just need to have strong desires in order to be infected? I thought it doesn't matter if they're positive or negative.

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now that the dust has settled. what is /a/'s opinion on Akarin?

I think she is a very good girl
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Before we go any further.
I want to impregnate her.
Akari is a good girl.

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>(((bad))) guy challenges the (((good))) guy in a 1v1
>the good guy is losing
>the good guy gets his buddies to gang up on the bad guy
>the good guy """wins"""
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>fight like a fedora despite having access to guns
>take time to monologue after having ample time to kill opponent
>have back turned towards stairs
>KNOW that good guy's buddy is coming eventually
>be surprised when good guy's buddy sneak attacks you for critical damage
>fighting bad guy
>bad guy is a freaking monster
>friends gang up on him
>"you lost because I have friends!"

>struggling in a fight
>practically lost already
>remembers someone/something and powers up
>beat up enemy
>repeat this every other fight
Wouldn't it be worse if the good guy demanded a 1 on 1, but then gets support.

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Is she the most empty/fapbait character ever created?
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That's not Mai.
Why do you sound new to anime?

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"Rokudou is a loser, and everyone knows it. He gets picked on at school, gets snide looks from passersby, and can only muster up the courage to complain in secret with his equally hapless friends. Looking to turn his life around, he desperately uses an ancestral artifact passed down in his family for generations: a scroll that is capable of subduing all demons. However, in the modern age it has a different effect it makes all bad girls fall in love with him."
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>Schrödinger's panties

I think its probably some stick-on cloth which is only visible from the front and leaves her butt exposed. We have never seen her front.
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She just wears normal panties but she uses magic to make them invisible so pervs can't see them
this is pretty much the best fan canon explanation really, she's that dumb so I can see it being the reason.
That makes no sense. It will leave her privates exposed. Unless goddesses don't have anything down there.

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Me. Literally me.

Say anything.
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that's me
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This is also me

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Omedetou fujos
Fuck yes.

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