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Some news
>Yuyushiki OVA sells 7814/653, total 8,467. Importantly, it’s out of stock as hell everywhere (estimated weeks or months restock) so it’s possible it has enough tail to reach 10k
>Kinmosa Pretty Days OVA sells 5176/611, total 5,787, Also earned around 40-50m in theatres, so did pretty well overall
>Gochiusa OVA theatrical screening delayed

P.S. us three MUST stick together
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Forgot to mention that Gochiusa will hold an event at AnimeJapan at the end of the month, so we can expect some big news.
Call me when all 3 are as popular and succesful as K-On or Lucky Star
The Yuyu OVA's still available, I bought it off Amazon yesterday.

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Nagarekawa Girls.png
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What does /a/ think of country girls?
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They should be kept barefoot and pregnant.
depends if they're tomboys as well
if they're not I'm not really interested
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Country bumpkins should stay in the countryside

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how many pics do you have in you're anime folder, /a/nons?
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Around 12000 with 300 folders. Small time compared to a lot of people in /a/ and /c/

Saving pictures is fun.
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Just my screenshot folder.

This movie is coming to Mexican theaters tomorrow

Is it good?
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Anime of the year 2016
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>Mexico gets this
>meanwhile in America
Americans would hate it.

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Now that we all agreed that Agari was best girl there's only one question left: Why is Agari best girl?
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She's the Ace.
Because she has an upvote on her head
>there's only one question left: Where is the OST?

Fixed that for you.

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Which one is your favorite? Also how often should we make a thread for the Danchiguys?
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Mutsuki a best.
I want to carry Mutsuki's children.
Mutsuki mutsukis.

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How bad did this great show do?
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They managed to at least get even thanks to Netflix but.
Why did it do bad?
Trash marketing?
Being overshadowed by bigger shows from the season?
Every yen they got was one too much, that was the worst mecha in a long time

>Still in love with his elementary school crush.
Truly best boy.
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What the actual fuck happened to the thread?
it got deleted
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I want to ask her about the grey hair.

What did I just read? The art is good but I don't understand the story. Can anyone explain it to me?
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Oh! Great. That is all.
I actually would like to re-read this clusterfuck. For all the bad rep O!G's writting gets, Shin's and Mitsuomi's demise is one hell of a story.

It's like Berserk's golden Age arc, but with more tits and BUMP A HEAD

I'm the biggest slowpoke on /a/ but allow me to ask something.

How the fuck can his love for the elf-scum remain #1 after all he's been through with with pic related? I simply cannot begin to comprehend his shit taste.
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Story is about character development.
>Start of the story : Emilia his #1
>Middle : Rem and Emilia are his #1
>End : Rem is his #1

The original scene pic related is quite different as well.
Back to your shitty thread, son of a bitch.
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Just kidding.png
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The anime butchered a lot of foreshadowing, and proper scenes many of the characters have.

The candidate speeches were supposed to be longer and not just one short segment, some got changed radically.

Al is supposed to be shown that he is from another world, just like Subaru.

And Subaru has feelings for Rem, and talks about it before the whale fight, and in the source material she pretends to be dying after the tree falls and makes Subaru confess what he feels for her for real, and she gets a confession. She pretty much gave an ok on polygamy, but still not sure if she was just joking in order to break the tension, or if she's serious about it.

Why do "these" kinds of anime tend to have such fantasy power dynamics between male characters? Is it really that impossible for the target demographic of said shows to view male character interaction normally? You don't find this kind of contrived character interaction in regular anime.
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> Is it really that impossible for the target demographic of said shows to view male character interaction normally? You don't find this kind of contrived character interaction in regular anime.
Are you fucking crazy? Maybe 2% of anime of any kind view character interaction normally. Almost everything follows heavily fictionalized standards of behavior and interaction.
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It's because ACCA is for fujoshits, by a fujoshit.
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>have best women of the season
Explain this

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S3 announcment soon, right? Right?
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Fuck Kokona
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What is his endgame?
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i don't know, its not like we're going to see anybody's endgame
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Did /a/ like it? What the fuck was that manga ending? Is Kumeta a madman?
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I'm still trying to hunt down 1-3 volumes that don't cost arm and leg to ship over to Poland.
I have all the other volumes in English otherwise.
It was fun to laugh with everyone one last time
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>What the fuck was that manga ending?
The best thing about it was that it was foreshadowed from the very first chapters.
Like here in Normal's introduction, Kafuka gets called An.

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So i just finished watching Macross and i was really disappointed. Up to episode 27 it was great. It should have ended there. The last 9 episodes are really underwhelming. The characters become unlikeable and the forced melodrama is really stupid. The final arc ruined a great show.
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Go watch 7 and experience the bizarre autism-fest that it is.
That's because it was supposed to be 43 episodes, but had its budget slashed and they had to condense that story in to 9 episodes.

It's still better than absolutely everything macross related that came out afterwards by a country mile.
The last arc is the pleb filter.

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