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My little hitla can't be this cute
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Gahhh. I still can't fucking take this show seriously.
You aren't supposed to
I really really really really really really don't like the way their mouths look when they're not speaking.

Is she truly the most pointless character?
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She served her purpose well
She lived to die, what more does she need to do?
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She was the cutest until the end.

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Frieza arc is the best arc. You can't deny you pissed on your pants the first time you saw SSJ Goku. Best Scene in anime ever.
That was a great scene but the rest of the arc makes it lower down.

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Previous Thread >>154379676
Why are these threads being posted earlier and earlier? Last week it was 3 pm, now it's only 1 pm. Soon it'll be the norm to post them before noon.

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Galko is a nice girl
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She's a nice girl to my penis.
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Thank the lord for all the cultural clusterfucks that had to occur for gyarus to exist. I'm a bit older, I remember the 90s when it was kogals, then ganguro and mamba, and now everything that falls under the gyaru umbrella.

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Why do you faggots praise Code Geass OP so much,
when OP like this exist?

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>muh edge
back to the 2000s faggot
Forever the best /a/ sings.
OP thread?


Think what you want of the anime itself but that OP is fucking memorable.

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ITT: we summarize shows we've never seen

Lain is a computer genius and also a god and likes to hide in her room a lot or something. Also she has daddy issues.
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The girl looks like a demon.
NGE is about a faggot who chokes and masturbates to dead girls and occassionally drives a giant robot to fight against godly aliens.
He fails and everyone gets transformed into juice.
Gurren Lagann, not so good

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How far can Karasuno go in the nationals? At this point I'm expecting them to lose to Neko or the Little Giant then introduction of a new 1st years after the 3rd years graduate, into a training arc for the 1st/2nd years
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I hope they win and the manga ends.

Removing mains and introducing new characters this late into the game always ends up wrongly.

We'd have to go through another qualifier arc and then another nationals arc afterwards and fuck that.
With the way the stories progressing Hinata will probably have another training arc, but I agree the story usually does go to shit for 90% of these sports mangas once the 3rd years leave. I don't see how the author can keep it interesting if they lose here, if he tries to pull a Diamond no Ace (the new team don't mesh and they spend half the year building chemistry) I can see the ratings plummet.

I'm almost certain though with the high anime sales that this series will continue on
This so much.
If they lose to some random 2stronght4u i'll drop this instantly

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Is DEEN the new savior of anime?
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Stop trying to force this stupid console war bullshit you goddamn /v/ermin
DEEN is and will be shit

Imperfect Cell is looking to absorb you!
The protagonist from the last anime you watched is the only one that can protect you- are you safe?
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The last anime I watched was Dragon Ball Super.
Non Non Biyori

So Renge I guess? She does have the legendary sword so I should be good
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Unless Cell counts as a mushi I'm pretty screwed

what is her fucking problem?
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These characters are all badly written. Not really sure why this is reddit's AOTS, it's not even that funny even though it has huge potential to make fun of anime tropes, it just becomes another one.
No one fucks her
what is your fucking problem?

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>Draw a Aryan
>Call it a Turk
Why is this allowed?
Shoukoku no Altair thread
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>Balkan, possibly Slav

nice propaganda.
Author implies Mahmut comes from genuine Turkish clan
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what did he mean by this?

Thoghts on shinoa?
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not the smug princess anymore
She makes my peepee feel funny.

>Favorite character?
>Favorite Series?
>Favorite episodes?
>Favorite Movies/Specials?
>Favorite Jaclet?

Discuss everything Lupin. This year marks the 50th anniversary for Lupin and to celebrate it, what will you be doing?
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I recently watched the 2015 reboot and it really blew me away. I guess I should watch the 2 specials which didn't air in Japan as well. I haven't watched anything else Lupin related.
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You should start from the beginning since Green Jacket series is the best series.

Also the 2015 series isn't a reboot. It's a continuation.
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I want to grow sick sideburns like Lupin but I'd never be able to pull off the look.

the green jacket is clearly aesthetically superior to the others

I am a international student from HK. I am think should I bring a Comic Lo with me to USA as a collection.

Not sure is US law consider manga loli porn as child potn
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Most states consider it illegal.
how about georgia?
Isn't it typically illegal but rarely enforced? Like it can get seized and destroyed but they just send you a pink slip or at worst fine you?

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