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But KonoSuba is a 4/10 and Rakugo is a 6/10.
Nah, KonoSuba is a 7 and Rakugo a 9.
fpbp this this THIS

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There was one of Madoka intro with the anime designs of Kaiji and the opening is singed with his voice but got deleted long time ago.

This one is pretty recent but I love it.

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Is anime improving, stagnating, or declining, /a/?
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>Miyazaki shitposting thread again
I don't know, let's ask my digits.
Stagnating at the lowest point possible

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What was her problem?
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those big fat bat tats make up for any problems
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Having her limbs torn off and her heart removed. Later on, Araragi's perception of her as a child altered her personality due to their two-way vampiric bond, making her pout for a while until she herself realised just how ridiculous it was.
Centuries of loneliness, being constantly on the move, and attacks from specialists and other oddities.

Girls warp around in bed sheets or bath towel.
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Like Panty?
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Panty a cute. Prime waifu material.
Girls warp around in bed sheets or bath towel.

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Korean scans are out

Color Page for this chapter
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Reminder that there's an anime about this
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MC looked like Light.
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It's also Itoshiki-sensei's favourite book
It's also one of the most referenced books in anime & manga
Also its one of the most famous books from Japan
And its author is one of if not the most famous authors from Japan

What is wrong with this child?
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she's EXTREMELY lewd
For Kanna.
Dragon scent and touch causes orgasms.

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Is Ayy stronger than Lord Beerus?
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Beerus is severely overrated
Of course not, expect him being between SSR Black and Merged Zamasu tier at best

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>And this is how you inside break
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how the fuck power levels work in saint seiya? you'll expect the other gods to have their own gold saint level warriors, but every time athena's gold saints manage to win with no problem, yeah they die sometimes but that also makes them stronger...
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There are no power levels in Saint Seiya, only Gold Saints circlejerk
By the time of Next Dimension the bronze saints have absolutely no business getting rekt by goldies
I was kind of mad at the poseidon saga, the bronze saints just walked in and killed poseidon's saints without giving a fuck, no golden armor or anything.
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Seems pretty golden to me

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Why does she dress like that?
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They're normal clothes she's just too fat for them and doesn't get the size up.
Nikuko wearing Gyaru fashion when?
My dick would just explode.
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Will Titsy Morgan return?

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ITT: Bad character designs
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My dick disagrees.
My dick disagrees.
Aside from the dumb one sock I don't see your point. She's decent otherwise.

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didnt see a thread for it
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Objectively speaking, a lot of newer seiyuu(late 2000s-now) are better than those who come before them. They can act better and are certainly more versatile than older seiyuu. Nostalgiafags/pseudo-nostalgiafags might tell you otherwise, but don't believe them.

You should be thankful that the anime industry is now better than ever thanks partly to the ever improving quality of voice acting in anime.
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I think the average level has improved somewhat, but I feel like there aren't really any new voices that are as distinctive. The most distinctive voices are relatively old (Wakamoto/Kugimiya/Koyasu) or didn't really make it big for some reason. (Omigawa)
I still love Kana Asumi's voice

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