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Which anime girl would you take to the beach as your date?
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whichever one has an outie belly button
All of them.
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>draw a boy
>call it a girl
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Her ears are unnerving
>be a faggot
>always spread trapshit
no no no no anon, you got it all wrong. the correct way is:
>draw a cute boy
>give it spats
>call it a tomboy

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Maho Tsukai no Yome will be 2 cour show.
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So it was true that it got a tv series.
Not sure if want

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Is he our guy?
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No, he is.
He was lying about being autistic to try to get out of trouble. He's not actually, he's just a regular asshole.

So to answer your question, yes.
I think you meant /our gal/

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Why did she cry?
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She was happy for another human being.

Emotions are hard, eh?
Women cry all the time for no reason
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Why did she cry?

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Poor man's Azumanga
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Has there been any talk about a Kimi no Na wa./Your name. /a/ meetup where we can see it together?
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Do we even know yet where it will be released?
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http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-01-17/shinkai-your-name-anime-film-opens-in-theaters-in-u.s-canada-on-april-7/.111060 just search around local theaters and see if it's in the listings

who else a califag here planning on seeing it?
Nearest large town is an hour away and not seeing it, they don't have their listings out that far.

What is it called when you want to fuck a male character, but not in a gay way?
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No homo.
I want Oreki to fuck me. No homo.
Now take it to the sexy Mugen thread.

Wait. Where's the sexy Mugen thread?

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Why is she so perfect?
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Her hips are wide enough to accommodate horse cock.
That means it's perfect for my black cock?
>an entire season of Loki sexually harassing sword autist

Atleast something good will come out of the spinoff.

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Guts' current team is more interesting than the Band of the Hawk. Compare the team that went to rescue Griffith:
>black guy who never speaks
>a crossbow "innocent kid" kid
>dependable and calm "throws a knife" guy
>a sleazeball (Corkus is pretty cool though)
>a woman who still likes Griffith more
>reeducated inquisitor who discovered new meaning in life by caring about other people and overcoming her repressed self
>her half-brother torn between upholding her social standing and letting her find her own happiness
>daddy complex loli magician
>dumbass comic relief thief kid
>the captain of THE FUCKING BOAT
>a woman who still likes Griffith more
Both have stronger and weaker characters, but clearly, current team comes out on top.
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Guts is still gay

You do sort of have a point, in that the current JRPG party has some members who have gone through personal character arcs, which lets the audience see their motivations more clearly.
While the original Band of the Hawk had some great characters, they were never seen to go through any growth. Presumably they each went through their own shit before Guts hit the scene, or during one of the time skips.

Which is interesting. Obviously Miura planned the Eclipse from the beginning, so the entire Golden Age arc is basically setting up these characters to really drive home the heart wrenching surprise. But it almost seems he held back giving The Band too much depth because of it, looking back on it now.

So, who's death will you be most upset at in Eclipse 2.0 when Guts sacrifices everyone for the power to kill Griffisu?
That's never going to happen. That's the antithesis of Guts' character, all of his character development, and the main themes of the story.

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>get home
>walk in room
>see this on your bed
wat do?
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Prepare my anus.
Wonder when I became a gay black priest

Say it with me now...

Eris pads her chest!
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Fuck off and kill yourself.
Eris pads her chest
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Eris pads her chest!

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Do you think Jojo's new popularity will yield more straight up rip offs?
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You mean references?
Maybe someday we'll get another issue of Diesel.
>Jojo's new popularity

It peaked with Part 2 in 2013 and it lost popularity after that

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What if Goku had turned into a Super Saiyan after Tambourine killed Krillin?
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Hmm. If he maintains the transformation long enough to kill King Piccolo, he'll probably destroy him enough that Piccolo is never born, which in turn will kill Kami. Which...can change quite a lot, actually.
Nah, he wasn't at the limit of his power and body at that time.
He wouldn't transform even if he wished to.
rip Piccolo. the fight against Ma Jr. would be over once he goes ssj. Raditz loses. Goku probably never learns Kaio Ken since he didn't die. he beats Nappa and Vegeta, so no reason to go to Namek. Freeza becomes immortal.

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Remember me?
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literally who?
Zombie Saten > Ghost Yomi
Big Tits McGee, we meet again

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