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>[HorribleSubs] All Out!! - 22 [720p].mkv

I want to fuck Ume-chan.
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Sekizan a cute
>those are hips of a man

I've noticed a lot of anime and manga has a general disdain for firearms. I mean not all do, but a lot do. It's usually some swordsman, who can cut guns and bullets in half. Where does this come from? !s there any western or cowboy anime and mangas?
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Japanese have always felt a sort of inferiority complex with their relationship with the west so this is how they make up for it. Americans are usually portrayed as arrogant fools in anime. This is the only way the Japanese can get back at America without receiving another nuke.
Japanese love guns but they are like muh samurai blood and always ends up making ridiculous swords men. Checkout trigun or something similar to that.
>any western or cowboy anime
Why would you want that, when the entirety fucking western genre is a pastiche of Jidaigeki film?

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Hello, everyone. It's me again. I've translated chapter 245 using a better font this time. Sorry about this first page, it's a bit messy but I'm not the world's best photoshop user.

You can read chapter 245 here: http://bato.to/reader#5cc8e83c9a43f412_1
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Thank you.
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>You can read chapter 245 here
I meant chapter 244, sorry.

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Here's a template
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>Lets make Autism great again.-OP.
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What's all this talk about Rin pleasing old men for money? Rin is Berserker's woman.
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Rin is everyone's woman.
I haven't seen a good Rin thread after FGO.
Is that the famed double kabe-don?

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So the Trinity Seven movie is already up on nyaa somehow.
Anyone saw it yet? Thoughts?
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Sure, why not?
Lilith a shit
Ninja best girl

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Remind me again, why is this "good"?
Gabriel DropOut seems so much better. In Gabriel DropOut, jokes are unique, and almost all seem to stem from the characters' personalities and the way they interact.
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, on the other hand, seems to be using "dragonness" as a crutch, and pretty much 70% of jokes seem to be the same recycled
The last one isn't even a joke, ffs.
Point is, Gabriel DropOut is CLEARLY the superior anime this season, and yet people on /a/ seem to always rank MaidDrogon higher on their lists. Even goddamn KonoSuba would be better, idiots! Why are you so blind?
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>two shows can't be good at the same time
They can, but honest MaidDragon isn't even that good on an objective scale. I could easily be swallowed up in any array of generic SoL bullshit.
Gabriel is a genuine comedy anime.

Dragonmaid is generic kyonai multi-spectrum fetish pandering slice of life.

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Who killed nyaa?
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Nyaa's dead again? Oh what a surprise.
Who killed Kaji?

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>harem series
>the tsundere girl loses
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>harem series
>harem series
>everyone loses because the world fucking ends
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What is this archetype called, and what do you think of them?
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Bland side-character girl that exists to make the main characters look better.
They're always cute.

Also put glasses on Midori-chan.

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This is your date tonight
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Wanna see a movie?
Why am I dating myself
I wonder which band we're seeing.

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Hard mode: new content, not reused shit everybody is already bored of.
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I don't understand how that happened. Did they just change the word order and that's the translation for something else?
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I wish I had the diffchecker where the ESL subs inserted "It can't be helped" despite the fact that it makes no sense in the context of the scene
No, line before and after have nothing about chameleons.
Anyway it's from Coalgirls, I can't even check what subs they used because nyaa is down again.

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Lewdest 2010 girl.jpg
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Why don't we talk about 2010 anime as much as we used to? Everyone's all "Kuzu no Honkai" this and "Kemono Friends" that. Why don't we talk about stuff like Baka Test, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, and Yosuga no Sora as much?
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>Why don't we talk about 2010 anime as much as we used to?
Because it's not 2010 anymore?
Don't you /thread me! This discussion isn't over until I say it's over!

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Isn't this a trait that only appears with crocodiles and alligators?
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It's a trait that makes my dick appear
It's a trait reptiles have.

Go to /an/ for shit like this, though they might tell you to fuck off for knowing nothing.
I can already imagine that knowing 4chin culture

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Uranucleus Scans are out, so imma dump them.
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