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Whats the consensus on claymore?
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there is none.

i liked it
What is this manga about anyway?

It's like Berserk but with girls?
Goat monster designs

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Wat do?
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Tear off bandaid.
Push her away from me. Mikan is disgusting.

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Do Sataniafags want to go to war?
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War against who? Pretty much everyone but a handful contrarians no one cares about is a Sataniafag now after Vigne's shitty betrayal that killed her popularity.

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Have you ever seen a show that legitimately did resonate with you and change you as a person in positive way? I know people like to trash FLCL but I feel like even through all the wacky random bullshit there was an actual story about going through puberty and experiencing life as a cynical uncaring kid.
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Tatami Galaxy
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flcl 9.jpg
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I don't know why you're apologizing for FLCL its self evidently absolutely brilliant and only retards dislike it

Same goes for Diebuster
It has a reputation for being a "western anime".

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Would a Dark Souls anime work? What would your vision of it be like?
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>anime about a guy who doesn't talk wandering around dungeons alone and killing shit very very slowly

/v/ really is delusional.
but it has a trap waifu
Dark Souls can only work as a videogame, it wouldn't translate at all into any other medium.

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Is Hanabi a bad bitch?
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No, she's a basic bitch. As basic as they come.
She wants to be, but keeps failing at it.

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>piss off Being X
>get turned into loli with magical powers

...Seems more like a reward than punishment.
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you forgot
>get reincarnated into another world which is currently undergoing in a war
True, but as a loli he grew up starving in an orphanage and began his rise to power by surviving a literal suicide mission.
Why she dont tell them about tanks.
Tanks with some magic shields

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how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that people say I'm an asshole but still find me cool?
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Grow watermelons
Stop making retarded threads.
Go to the gym, start going out and get off 4chan.

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Were they dating?
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just fuck buddies
Nowadays, it's perfectly normal for a girl to fuck a man she has no relationship with.
Why do Tawawas have such huge tawawas?

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Why fuck is Japanese people so into masturbating to ugly as fuck fat guys?
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It's about humiliation and they loved humiliating pretty girls.
Just because you masturbate to the guys in porn doesn't meant hat everyone else does.
Because most of the people jerking off to this stuff are ugly, fat degenerates, basically a self insert for the reader.

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tell me about her
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Cat girl waifu is mine.
Black woman from sameface, the manga.
She's a big girl

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ITT Seinen. No immature shit allowed.

I've been watching Onihei lately and holy shit it is good.
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>ITT Seinen
>posts a novel adaptation

> No immature shit allowed
>implying tons of seinen isn't immature

Fuck off.
>post "immature" seinen manga
>ends up being adapted from a novel/anime original
>post another
>ends up coming from a shounen/shoujo magazine

this ends up being most cases of "immature" seinen

that being said Onihei is garbage
>triggered moefag

that was quick

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>1 trillion years time skip in the first chapter
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ah yes, the ''delinquent boy meets mysterious girl'' would've been much better
>entire year goes by in chapter 2
Jump really is grasping at straws here, they're picking up everything even if they know it's shit because nobody wants to submit to them anymore

Hey guys

I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that Sayaka is the best Madoka girl?
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I don't think I ever found an anime where Eri Kitamura voices worst girl
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How long till he snaps? A man can be a beta only so long
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Boy, the hype for R3 is real.
get him a week or so from retirement, and find out then as I am pretty sure he won't be mailing anyone at the post office that day.

so the movies tell me.

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