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I still consider this the greatest anime movie ever made, 7 years later.
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I don't think it aged well visually.
You're not alone, still my favourite anime movie ever since then.
The series haven't aged all that well because of the designs, but the movie still looks really good and is full of details.


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alice and sodoku.jpg
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Anyone hyped?

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I am.
I love stories about old men and little girls, so sure, I am.
See /a/, you can still have your magical animu encounter after 30.

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And these make-up animation will show up in the upcoming AoT season 2.
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Pick one.
It's a nice effect and interesting use of digital animation tools but it'll probably be used sparingly given WIT's inevitable production schedule collapse.
It had some pretty good action animation.

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ITT: Armpits fanservice.
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When NTR is good?
I'm not asking how you find it or how you describe your relation with it, but the most good stories have the variations of story lines.
Like a few possible partners, several relationsships etc.
Like you know, Kimi ga nozomu - would never get it impact without sex scene.
So i guess it's necessary for hard drama.
But it have happy ending in both cases so it's not clear NTR.
Then we have "Okusama wa mohou shoujou" - that is clear H-rated NTR, with full cockblocking - i'm finding it a bit too much for anime but the emotional impact is one of the strongest.
The OP pic have high NTR potential but it's gook shit so the emotional part is lacking.
You're thoughts?
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The art is disgusting even for hentai.
NTR where it's used as part of a plot, due to setting or past history (rare in hentai of course), makes for some worthwhile emotional rollercoasters when it results in a bittersweet ending (not just mindbroken into a cumdumpster).

While a poor example, something like that one h-doujin where a fatso loved his slave but he didn't know how to actually get his feelings across and it seemed more like endless sexual abuse, so when she eventually fell in love with some other dude, it was too late for him to change his methods of showing how much he loves her. And in the end, he at least set her free.

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How will V pose as a threat to kaneki?
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Why is he sitting on a fitball
welcome to the experience.
How much longer until :re ends?

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Preview for T7s First MV is out.
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It actually doesn't look very impressive. Why won't they just do a proper anime already?
That's why need to meme magic it into existence.

This April they are performing at Makuhari Messe, the same place SideM announced their anime.

It has been 3 years since the game started service, the LL anime only aired roughly 3 years after it's debut.

With this as our fuel, we will meme magic the anime into existence!
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If T7s gets an anime announcement ever, I will come back to do the Killer Tuner mickey mouse call.

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What's the appeal of the 'childhood friend' archetype?
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You don't care about that question, you just wanted to post that image
They don't need an excuse for wanting the MC's dick
she's always been there supporting you

Un no warui hipopotamasu
Hontou ni tsuiteinai hipopotamasu

Getsuyoubi, medetaku umareta yo~
Kayoubi, gakkou yuutousei
Suiyoubi, kawaii oyome-san morau
Mokuyoubi, kurushii byouki ni kakari

Kinyoubi, totemo omoku nari
Doyoubi, assari shinjatte
Nichiyoubi, ohaka ni umerareta

Un no warui hipopotamasu
Tsuiteinai hipopotamasu no isshou
Kore de oshimai, kore de oshimai´╗┐
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So was it just candy, or not?
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She is the mastermind.
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hard candy

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Is this actually good or pretty shit?
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It's preety good
NTR ruined it for me.
The manga is okay. anime is okay too until episode 5.

>Main couple confesses in the middle of show instead of the final episode
>Show is about their progress as a couple
This should be a thing more. It's funny calling a show a "Romance" if they aren't even dating.
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>telling koko to fuck off when she didn't accept his confession
Ted Bundy was alpha as fuck, too bad about the beta ghost thing.
The world needs more relationship anime.
this anime was funny and very heartwarming i liked it

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waga na wa megumin.jpg
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Anon anon!

come and sing with me!

Bakuretsu bakuretsu la la la
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Sorry, I'm deaf.
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Nicu Bakuretsu

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>unavoidable attack

Sasuga fatefags, talk your way out of this.
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Unavoidable doesn't mean unblockable
Gae bolg thrown version is avoidable.
Gae Bolg is reverse causuality meaning the effect happens before the cause making the attack impossible to dodge ir block.

>this is what anime was like in the 70s

Is modern anime an improvement over this?
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That's what a particular anime film from the 70s was like. It's not representative of anime as a whole during that time.
It wasn't. Watch more before you write bullshit like this.
How about you take an actual representative example next time.

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Why aren't you becoming a mangaka?
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I keep doing other stuff, like wacthing anime, instead of trying to git gud at drawing waifus
not japanese

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