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One true megami
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sexy megami

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How good and/or memorable do you think Winter 2017 has been?

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It's been a bit above average I think. Maids, Konosuba, Gabriel Dropout and I kinda like elDLIVE
Not memorable at all, and I was excited for numerous things that I've put on hold in order to just watch older anime
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Could be worse. Even the Kyoanus v Triggernigger war hasn't been too bad on the board.
Fall 2016 won't be topped for a while though.

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Take the test
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I fall with the third question.
get out of /a/
stop larping as an oldfag

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no man should waste that much ketchup
>literally at the end of this whole crap only her, the archer guy and Netero died
Yeah, HxH is such an intelligent series.
You just don't get it

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I'm bored so I'm going to dump this
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So... i heard this anime was kinda shitty even for the strike witches standards.
What's /a/ opinion about this?
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It was alright. Finnish girls a cute
It was made by another studio?
I've watched a couple of video in the tube and the fights looked kinda shitty and slow paced compared to "strike".
The CG is markedly worse than both seasons of Strike Witches, which is shocking considering how much better today's technology is. Looks like they're phasing some of it out with the Blu-Rays, though.
Pantyshots are down by a lot and if there was any frontal nudity, I've already forgotten about it. This is a sticking point for some.
See those four girls in the middle? The plot focuses on them. A lot. So much so that the other characters get a bit shafted.

Despite that, I still enjoyed it more than Strike Witches, so I think you should just try it yourself and form your own opinions.

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How can you not want to pound her 24/7?
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Esdeath exist, or existed, sorry OP.
she would kill you in a brutal way before your dick gets within an inch of her
By not being a desperate beta degenerate.

>licking Saikawa's face
What did she mean by this?
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it means you have you be over 18 to post here
I want Kanna to ペロ ペロ me

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>it's an anime about a MC who sets out to continue the story of his favorite manga which was discontinued due to the sudden death of the author
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An SOL comedy anime about a lolicon who runs an orphanage for little girls with strange supernatural abilities.
An MC for a harem that isn't asexual and actually fucks his women. Wouldn't that be a sight?
Isekai except the "npc" characters are the ones with all the knowledge and use it to take advantage of the "adventurer" characters that keep showing up

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animes with awful endings
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you start
Explain why


Now we sit back, and let the converter do his job.
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How will he pull it off?
This, this is the power of the D.
aaaand it's done.

Now, for the dickings of the cousin.

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What did Ayeka like Nobuyuki Masaki so much?
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Did I miss something? I thought Ayeka liked Tenchi. I haven't watched but a few episodes of the series though.
Nope Tenchi is the father.
Tell me, what should I skip in the Tenchi series? Is universe the crappy one? All I have seen is the first OVA series when they fight Kabutp.

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Seiken no blacksmith was a good manga i should be picked up by some scan !
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>100 days
Try 10000

Just buy the official releases. The final volume is scheduled to be released this summer.

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Why are there rabbits everywhere in the world of Gochiusa?
And why does Anko and Wild Geese keep attacking Syaro?
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She gives off pheromones similar to a rabbit in heat
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Chiya prefers a pure Asian gentleman like ME.

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Luvia or Rin?
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Rin pleases old men for money.
Rin pleases Luvia for free.

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