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>ugh I can't believe there is punishment for disobeying direct orders
>ugh I can't believe that you have to kill enemy soldiers in war

I want to smash this cunt's face so bad.
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>ugh the war criminal Nazi girl is cute so all of her actions are justified
>ugh if I was under her command I would follow her orders faithfully and I totally would not be some fat coward retard that Tanya would send to the pillbox immediately
>ugh slaughter all the citizens, bring me more edge

>war criminal

You being born and infesting this world.

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was shirley falling in love with lelouch twice and subsequent death the saddest story ever told?
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No, Shirley was annoying shipper and sympathybait and died because she's a bimbo.
Her death scene man, never fails to make me feel fucking empty
That and Euphy's massacre.

It will be sadder if she is revived in R3 only to die again like the miraculous birthday OVA.

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Is this going to be better than Kuzu no Honkai? Kuzu was softened up by the fact that the protags weren't in love with each other, but this... is this the real deal? Was Scum's Wish just a casual warmup?
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Well it will certainly bring about more people bitching about their first romantic drama
Tell me about this series, anon.
I'm a virgin.

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ITT: Shows only you watched

Hard mode: shows only you liked
Nightmare mode: go to sleep if someone else watched it
Sleep paralysis mode: shows only you watched without subs and you dont understand Japanese
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This is the one with the lesbians who fucked on Christmas, right?

fucking neo/a/fags

Anything before 2012 is hard mode to you

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Isn't this the best romance manga in a long while?

Chapter 24
>>154397852 thread here
>>154403276 dump starts here
>>154411130 tl starts here
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>Isn't this the best romance manga in a long while?

Only if Botan wins. She's so best it makes me cry.
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>Aoi is wearing a hairpin on the cover page
Just realised this.

Older chapters that are not properly scanlated yet:
Chapter 19: 148525662
Chapter 20: 149623758
Chapter 21: 150999028#151035846
Chapter 22: The archive hasn't back yet
Chapter 23: 153272667
We have threads for this often, and someone said that an anon posts translations here. Is there anywhere I can find these translations besides the archives? They are still down.

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>"Ne, Megumin, do you spit or swallow?"
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Actually, I take it inside my mouth.
Then I smear it all over your cock with my tongue and then french kiss you with some still in my mouth.
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She strikes me as a spitter for some reason.

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ITT: Post the purest girl in a series. Moca is pure of heart, pure of mind, and pure of body.
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>truly believes she is doing the right thing and for love
>has no knowledge or understanding of sexual matters
>is a virgin

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Now that the smoke has cleared, how do you feel about the movie?
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It was bullshit, girls are not good snipers.
I enjoyed it. The decent adaptation of the best arc of an awful series.
Animation: 9.5/10
Adaptation: 6.5/10
Music: 9/10
Voice acting: 8/10
The vampires can suck my dick

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Any US anon see it on Thursday? What does /a/ think?
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I was shocked that the antagonist's motive wasn't to rape someone.

It was enjoyable
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sinon wallpaper.jpg
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I'll go ahead with the good things.

Fight scenes were fuckin' on point, specifically the final one. The danger that the characters faced was pretty well developed and thought out, and the reasoning of the antagonists was solid. All of Kirito's party is useful for once. Asuna and Kirito emotional moments are really well done. Also, because I'm biased, getting more Sinon before she disappears for like 3 seasons was a very welcome experience.

Now for the parts that aren't so great.

The major threat at the end really depends on the regular people being idiots. There was a 10 minute long cringe fest at the beginning where LiSA, Tomatsu Haruka, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu tried to get everyone all pumped up for the movie. The plot does a nice job of not breaking the feel of 'AR' when fighting AR monsters , but it makes less sense when two real people fight with AR swords. Despite every character making fun of Kirito for being out of shape and bad at AR, he magically gets into shape in about 3 hours and is pretty much on par with his virtual self.

All in all, it's fun and enjoyable to watch, but it's just like any regular anime with things you'll have to forgive and forget about.

Where I live they're screening this from March 9-12

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ITT manga that actually ended well
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This also had a good ending
Pretty much had the perfect ending. Most if not all loose ends were resolved. The MC reunites with his past family and friends and back in his proper place in history. It was a definitive ending.
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Goddamit, meant to post picture related.

Why were Darkness and Megumin this mad? Kazuma has seen both of them naked anyway.
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Harem logic.
They didn't want to be seen shitting
They were talking shit about Kazuma at the beginning of the scene though

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fuck is she eating
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What? You've never had white bread on a plate?
Anime has taught me that Nips think bread is a meal.
French toast is a slight possibility

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Quick rundown on this guy?
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Why do people say this now, where did this meme come from?
I was just interested in starting this show and wondered how he stacked up compared to other kyoani protags.

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You are going to be trained in the mountains for 6 months by one of this girls.

You will not die in this time period.

Choose wisely.
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Left since glasses suck

Right because I find her more attractive.
Left but give her glasses

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They got completely soaked.
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Scans when?
Why would you wear a white dress into the ocean?
More importantly why would you get wet while wearing it especially with no bra?

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