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Nico > Maki > Eli > Nozomi > Umi > Kotori > Rin > Hanayo > Honoka

What? Am I that correct? Just as I thought.
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Why is Nico hated?
Maki > Kotori > Umi > Nozomi > Honoka > Eli > Rin > Hanayo > Nico

You're so absolutely right I'm amazed.

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What does Shinka symbolize?
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Shit tastes.

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>greentext reason in one sentence
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>The whole show just felt like a long Detective Conan episode.
>Expected 12 episodes not 39, sports generally bore me, and filename
>not enough Fine

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I've just started code geass because there's nothing more that I love than a good show about mind games and I've heard great things about it. However it seems like code geass has the same problem that seems prevalent in almost every psychological anime. Plotholes, logical inconsistencies and poor writing. (continued)
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I'm on episode 2 of code geass but already there's tons of things that don't make sense. If he was ok with ordering about 20 soldiers to kill themselves why didn't he order the gray haired girl to kill herself, she already saw his face and she'll probably go looking for her nightmare afterwards. Wouldn't he want to tie up loose ends? Also when he orders her to give him her nightmare she gives him a key and a code, but when the rebels find the train filled with nightmares they're able to pilot them immediately. Are those things shipped with the key in the ignition and a sticky note with the code needed to start the mech in the cockpit or something? I totally buy that the empire of brittania has incompetent military leaders since they probably received their positions due to nepotism and not through merit so I can buy that they freak out when things go to shit. However, when they get a report from their soldier that the rebels are using their mechs and you hear the general say that they're intercepting their communications they're clearly aware that the enemy can see them or their radar right, just like lelouch. Doesn't it work both ways. After their mechs were wiped out and when they prepared to flank them shouldn't they be aware that since all of the enemy combatants are using their mechs that as long as their radars are up they can't sneak up on them. Also how the hell does he know how to pilot a nightmare anyway? The real problem with these kind of anime is that usually it's far easier to shut your brain off and ignore plot holes or bad writing when you don't have to think to much but when I watch an anime like this I can't help but think what I'd do in the mc's situation and if the decisions that the characters are making are rational or not, this makes it really damn hard to not notice these flaws.
before i answer your questions you need to answer mine: is it an actually good bait or are you really a nitpicking autist?
Neither I just like to watch a good show with mind games where characters don't make unfounded assumptions that reality molds itself to fit like death note, or where there aren't any glaringly obvious plot holes.

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Phantom World is not a harem show about teenagers with supernatural powers fighting monsters in magical academy setting.
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Its shit
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It doesn't matter anymore.

Is the anime like the first volume of the LN and like the rest takes place in some grimdark alternate reality?

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If your life is turned into an anime, how much blurays would it sell?
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I dunno, how much did Grisaia no Meikyuu sell? My childhood and adolescence was so similar to Yuuji's it almost feels like someone was filming me growing up.
My life is shitty mix of Sundome, Punpun and White Album 2. A lot I guess?
Dunno, 2 maybe.
Depends on the pacing and what's told though, I guess it could sell some extra if showing some drama.
Or sex scenes.

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It's time to enlighten /a/.
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They clip into each other really hard
well son youll see, it s a all a matter of love and when a man loves a women so much, he kisses her and they share the same bed, an poof, babies are made, and thats what we all call sex
The screen fades to back, then the next shot is them naked in bed together.

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Why is it that light novel shit gets second seasons but the best fantasy anime ever made doesn't?
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You know why anon.
Just give up on anime. It's not going back to how it use to be.
So ecchi!!!
Because it got a live action adaptation instead.

Why does that shit always have to happen with the good ones?

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Why does this studio always make shows with annoying fan bases?
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CGDCT is cancer.
They don't, they just make good shows.
they're the new kyoani

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Alright, we all had tons of fun pretending that there was a rivalry but it seems some Reifags have taken the entire joke to a hole new level. It's sad to see them in almost every thread now and most of them think that Rei actually stands a chance against Asuka.

Can we drop the joke now and have a thread about the true best girl, Asuka?
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I thought everyone came to a mutual consensus that Asuka is the best girl?
Maybe Reifags didn't get the memo.
Asuka is the best no question about it.
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Does Rei even have reaction images?

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Studio will probably be Deen, since they made the most recent OAD. Same script writer and director as season 1.

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Good. I'm in love with Hoozuki's voice.
That's good news.
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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun S2 never ;_;

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Remember the days of good anime? 2007 brought us this classic.
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I was just a young man of 20 when this aired.
I liked this i remember
2007 also gave us Bamboo Blade

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What mangoes do /a/ want to see translated? We have a good translator ready to roll.

Has to be an untouched series with zero chapters translated already though, no picking-up leftovers.
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Arawi Keiichi's City.
Not sure if it can be considered a leftover since only chapter one has been translated as far as I know.
I'm to proud to beg
We just want to do something /a/ would like is all.

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Who is best and why is it crab?
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it is ubiquitously snail
nice way to spell monkey there m8
Anyways, shitposting aside, should I read/watch Kizu after I finish watching Nise?

I'm rather new to the series and I've learned that Kizu is the third released LN so that leads me to believe it is intended to experience that story after watching Nise.

They do a real fuckin good job of making you wonder what happened during spring break and if its intended to learn about it after Nise, then by all means I'll fucking watch it.

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Top 10 anime swordswoman
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let this thread die with this as the only reply along with mine pls

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