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Who is best girl?
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All three are best girl. Please no in-fighting between best girls.
Kirino forever and ever.

You can't beat imouto.

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What was his fucking problem?
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He never got to bang Kagura.
why would anyone want to fuck Kagura
>male tsundere

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ITT: Anime that get more hate than they deserve
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I want to kiss Mumei.
It doesn't get hate it was just hugely disappointing like Aldnoah Zero
It had a nice pair of armpits

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>5 seasons in
>Literally the most underwhelming series I've ever seen

I keep waiting for this shit to pick up, but the series is literally "YOU NEED MORE EXPERIENCE TRAIN MORE HAHAHAHA" over and over and over and over again.

Should I even finish this show?
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5 normie n' standard contrarian coins have been deposited into your account.
You should have dropped it a long time ago.

HxH has never been good.

At this point though, you've wasted so much time that you might as well finish though.
long form battle shounen might not be your thing.

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Alice in Borderland was completely scanlated recently.

It's obvious from the start what Borderland is. A limbo.
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Something like that. Looks like this was a Sanzu reference or something.
And after posting that I see it literally said Sanzu on the sign. Derp.

So you get to fight death games to miraculously come back to life in that world. Unless that was just symbolism and Arisu's guess.
holy shit, that was a nice ride

I bet you can't beat this fucking faggot right here made me almost rip my manga up.
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Seriously, FUCK this guy
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Entry lvl, evil for edgy teens.
If you want real evil i'll give you one on this pic.
Please don't remind me about Rape-Namek existing.

What drink goes best with Anime?
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Water, you fatass.
Beer obviously. An episode is usually a half hour so sipping on a beer makes way more sense than taking a shot.

t. Alcoholic

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was joshiraku popular on /a/ when it first came out? its hardly ever discussed
it was.

and its rarely discussed now because its almost 5 years old.
thats not fair. Lucky Star is still a meme and the girls werent even as cute

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According to extensive scientific research:

Frieza Saga>Buu Saga>Cell Saga=Saiyan Saga
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According to extensive scientific research:

You have to go back >>>/v/
Dragon Ball Z is the best piece of japanimation ever created.
Freeza > Cell > Buu > Saiyan

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Are you ready for some suffering?
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I want to CUM inside Nakano!
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>Wow like dude, get sad with us, why the fuck won't you fucking do it?

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/a/ sings Gabriel Dropout OP

We're doing an /a/ sings of the TV version of Gabriel Dropout OP, just a reminder, only 10 days left till the dealine on March 22. You can submit them via e-mail or in this thread. I'll extend the deadline we don't get enough submissions or if you guys need the extension for whatever reason. The mumbling parts of the song at the beginning and near the end will be difficult, but just do your best for those parts or even improvise if you want, a lot of anons suggested we just shitpost for those 2 rambling parts. Leave any questions you may have either here or through the e-mail. We already have a few submissions so far.

Send your submissions to: [email protected]
Video of song for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTtJZ29j26Y [Embed] [Embed]
Download link for OP: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=887718
Lyrics (lyrics are for the full version, but we're doing the TV version which ends at "datte tenshi desu mono!": http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/gabriel-dropout-theme-songs/gabriel-drop-kick/
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i droped the show from the op ! i fucking hate doga kabo
I'll get around to it this week, will probably do a dual-session and try to sing the konosuba ED as well while I'm at it.

Also, drifters OP fucking never. Thanks for disappearing again Jizzy.
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Kill yourselves.

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Post your favorite couples here! Can you find a better pairing than Shichika and Togame?

You can't
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haruhi and kyon.jpg
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Tatami Galaxy.jpg
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I'll post another one.
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the obvious one

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How does the doujinshi market even work? Are there no copyrights in Japan?
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Free marketing for series, publishers can track popularity of series based on interest and sales, so basically they get free market research and advertising just letting some autists gather
same as artist alleys in western cons

it's all fair use and creative expression, just so long as people don't, for example, write a nayroodough doujin and then claim that they invented the characters and declare they they'll take legal action against others using their likenesses
Most companies turn a blind eye to it because they understand the concept of free publicity

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A cute twink and two faggots.png
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Miyano mamoru.jpg
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Arcueid and Satsuki

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Stardust Crusaders is mindboggingly boring!

"Monster of the week" episodes with predictable outcomes and zero plot development.
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it was a different time kiddo, it ran in Jump so of course it had to be monster of the week.

>not liking part 3
I like part 3. Never understood the hate for it. What's not to love about globetrotting adventures with a great cast of characters?
You're right. The only hype part was when they finally arrived in Cairo.

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