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This is a japanese goddess

Say something nice about her
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Nah, man.
>Emerald mountain flavored drink

Pls give me some of that sweet nectar baby it must taste like febreeze sacred stream

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How come there is no true western anime?
It's everywhere in other media but there's barely any when it comes to anime.
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>western anime
I meant it as spaghetti western, you know cowboys, secession and shit
Westerns are a genre kind of unique to america. The rest of the world doesn't bother with them unless they're deliberately pandering to or parodying american culture.

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So we're all in agreement that Simon led to the universes inevitablr destruction, right?
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Everything that has a beginning must come to an end, the Universe no exception. Simon just put everything back into the natural cycle of life-death-rebirth.
Nobody knows. All we do know is that the universe ended up working together to try to stop the Spiral Nemesis and that's much better than what the Anti Spiral's had going on.

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What would marriage with Aisha be like?
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Would probably be pretty expensive, i'd imagine unless she really liked you she would milk you dry.
milk you dry

To the point you'd look like a mummy?
Probably i mean financially and physically.

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1, 2, 3 or 4? Which one of them would make the best commanding officer?
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bully 1 marry goemon fuck 3 headpat 4

season 2 never
I would sex them all.
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>mfw found out Nene is based on Yoshiharu's real life wife

I have never watched a show so calm and disturbing without even trying.

Thank you based sticky.
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Read it
I never found Kino's Journey disturbing, just really eerie and comfy at the same time.

There's always that sense of danger and hostility lurking around but it's worth it for the journey and adventure. Hope the new anime has that same feeling.
This show is really good at portraying how idiot human being can be when they worshiping society too damn much.
This show also makes me ask about what's the point in life.
I can't justify a person who live by staying in their country nor Kino who live by wandering.

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Is monogatari an entry level series?
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probably not
On one hand it's popular, so newfags are bound to encounter it. On the other hand, most people probably won't like it that much if it's among their first anime
Anime fans will know of it but I imagine the sexualization of lolis will put off most typical normies and casual anime watchers

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First chapter from Okamoto Lynn's new manga is finally out!
What are your impressions?
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Shit as usual.
Fuckin masterpiece
Is this girl power consist of being wet and in heat 24/7?

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5 weeks in and it has surpassed k-on

Will it beat Evangelion you think?
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Nope. Eva had a 1Bil opening weekend. Nothing does that kind of stuff. Not even Kimi no Na wa. Now imagine THE records that would've been broken by Eva if the movie wasn't absolute shit.
I didn't know the 00 movie was so popular.

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>ITT we mention overrated anime that only an autist could love

I want to see some hatred.
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All of them, anon.

This is the baitiest bait thread that ever did bait.

Fuck the ending, fuck the progression, and fuck the status quo of this show.
The best development Rikka ever had was her father dying.
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And fuck Shinka because she's hot.
It's apparent that Ishihara had no plans for a second season and had to rush together ideas for content for one. There's three explicit episodes that focus on the side characters (Nibutani, Kumin, Dekomori) without progressing the main side plot for the season. Additionally, the main side plot itself feels half-hearted and comes together clumsily in the penultimate episode.
>The best development Rikka ever had was her father dying.
Also I think that part was anime-original. I don't recall reading about her father being dead in the LN.

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he hatched from Picollos egg but he's not a Namekian

explain this
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Demon King Piccolo had figured out how to spawn mutated and fully grown Namekians for whatever purpose he wanted.
Toriyama probably hadn't decided what he actually wanted Piccolo and Kami to be yet.
No he's a demon because back then Toriyama thought Piccolo was a demon. Goku was also just a monkey Earthling boy back then.

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Mary, I'm Already A Demon

New Episode in a few hours.
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Praise being X.
Where do people watch the raws?

Punished Sue

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I feel like I'm reading a Harem-manga,
the number of his male followers seems to steadily increase
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erase this.png
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Eraser-chan is best girl
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I prefer the hand-reading-girl
>how the fuck can he have so many kids without having sex?
>is he going to donate sperm during college?
>adopting them?
>is he going to get raped by a bunch of girls?
would it be okay to drop the latest chapter?
It came out today

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Why not route?
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old hag
When has best girls ever had a chance?
>old hag
>bitch sister
>bad teacher

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