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Kuzu No Honkai

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5 episodes in and I can say without doubt that sensei is the best girl - no, the best character.
You know why? Because she's not a self-loathing piece of shit like the rest of the cast. All the other characters just can't stop complaining about how loathsome and disgusting they are, for no reason at all. Hanabi, Mugi, Ecchan, even the slutty senpai ("sorry for stealing your adolescence." What the fuck does that mean?), all of them are blaming themselves for...something. But what?
>oh I'm so terrible, I truly am scum
Ok. But why? Elaborate please.
The only exception so far is when Hanabi slept with Ecchan to find some relief after onii-chan's confession to Akane; Ecchan immediately saw through her, but Honeybee couldn't know that of course, so yeah, she actually had a reason to loathe herself in that case.

On the other hand, sensei's character was obviously designed to be unlikable and villainous, but her thoughts are in line with her behavior. This alone makes her the best character in my opinion.
The art and soundtracks are nice. Bad writing and characters' development are lackluster. The lewd scenes are decent, and the drama feels too heavy and unnecessary.

Overall it's a okay show if you're not looking into it too deep.
You know, there are a lot of shows that make me deeply regret wasting my youth on anime, video games and random internet shit while my peers were out doing normalfag things and enjoying themselves, but I think this is the first one that has the exact opposite effect.
Don't think too deep about it, friend.
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I love her so much
Although I do I agree with your point, I still don't like sluts.
Then you've forgotten how incessantly annoying teenagers are, ESPECIALLY girls
I like her but god I fucking hate her at the same time.
It`s pathetically bad drama shit. Of coursh, it was written by a woman.
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Keep in mind that the rest of the characters are teenagers. I was oblivious to love during these years so I have no idea if teens who were into this kind of shit were also as melodramatic but I wouldn't put it past some people. Honestly, if the writing was tighter this could be a solid exploration of psychologically damaged young adults trying to navigate the confusion of sexual feelings and emotional connection. I understand the characters are obsessed with this portion of themselves but there's just not enough depth so it easily becomes monotonous and silly.

>sorry for stealing your adolescence
I didn't understand this at first either but a while ago I was lurking /co/, and someone posted about how he was diddled by an adult woman when he was in his early developing years and while it didn't traumatise him it did effect his sexual "interests" later on. So for Mugi, it might be that having an older woman use him became his sexual interest after being diddled by that lonely senpai of his and now he's struggling with this aspect of himself. Senpai probably felt like she had corrupted him.
she's broken and lonely and she's lying to herself if she thinks otherwise. it's sad, nothing seems to be able to make her happy.

no one wants to do the wrong thing knowingly (being a slut).

she wants someone to care enough, to literally tie her down and stop her no matter what. most men would just avoid her.
I want to rape her and then keep her locked in my basement.
I can't relate to any of the characters, the notion of thinking about romance 24/7 and making it the center of my life is way too alien for me. I'm not saying that I ignore it, but there are plenty of other interesting things to focus on, even if you're a hormone driven teenager.
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Moron. No one would understand that if you don't post the original magazine page.
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