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Hiya, it's TS/TL anon here. Let's get down to it.

[Dagashi Kashi]
We went to the convenience store because Pops said he hadn’t gone there yet,
And our eyes fell on a certain flavor of “onigiri”.


“Motherly Taste” Salted Onigiri

What does “Motherly taste” mean?
SFX: startle

- It’s just the the two of them right now. A critical situation for Pops.
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Please let me try
A motherly taste

136th Sweet: Milky
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Well, ya see… It’s that. Y’know, just a saying…
There’s no deep meaning to it… It’s sort of an atmosphere or a conceptual thing…

I don’t get what you mean at all. Just be more specific.

Miso soup, for one….


Sorry, I just remembered several things I need to do so I’ll just go right now…
Hey, wait!

Wait for a bit.
Kuh…!! Let go of me~~~!!!
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I just didn’t know what it was so I asked you, so why are you running away? Answer properly. You’re an adult.
Argh, let go! Even adults have things they don’t know…
GWAAAAH!!! Getting trapped between automatic doors hurts like heck!!


A motherly taste, you say?

Yes. I don’t really get it.

Hm, is that soooo….
This is bad, Mr. Father said to try and avoid speaking about his mother…
Hajime-chan, as you know Kokonotsu doesn’t have a mother… She left him.
That’s why the topic of “his mom” is quite sensitive, so please find a way to change the topic for Kokonotsu’s sake.
No, I’m the manager…

Ah!! I have deliveries to do today! I’ll be going then!!
Huh?! Okay, take care! There’s still some snow left so be careful!!

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Sequel to run in Jump GIGA. Seriously, Japan?
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WAIT is this legit? is best girl tsukasa coming back to save us?
The sequel will be about their daughter who later gets hit by a truck

What's with girls with names starting with "Tsu" that makes them go overseas to learn cooking in Europe?

Tsukasa best girl, though. I hope it isn't a story to fuck up their relationship to make Aya win. Satsuki can be the mistress, though.

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Which Lagoon would you Black?
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Anyone from Gretel to Eda.

Balalaika scares me.
>Balalaika scares me
Shit taste
New chapter when?

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Did they ever rescue her?
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how harribel.

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When does Basara give the D to the best girls Zesto and Maria?
Mio was a start
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Brown girls never win.
Worst aspect of anime. Just let the brown one win
>wahhh shes not black/brown shes tan wahhh

ITT: "Villains" who did nothing wrong
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Adolf Hitler.jpg
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Season 3 is coming out very soon. Anyone follow this anime? It is my favorite mecha anime but I don't count Code:Geass as one.
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define 'soon'
Can't wait for best girl to win.
Didn't know they were making this since the manga already ended.

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Left of right?
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Always bet on twintails.
Right. The twintails bring out her bust. Also says she's aiming to be a waifu. Almost want to read it now.
Right is her natural hair color.

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/a/, how do you get rid of post show depression? That feel when you got into a show, and it ended before you wanted it to.
I feel like dogshit every time I finish a good show, and I know it won't get followed up

pic related, I was so buttmad that he died, because it was babbys first anime
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Just never finish anything
rewatch it? if the show was good in the first place you'll notice foreshadowing and a bunch of things you missed
I've never gotten that because I'm not a faggot. They're just cartoons get the fuck over it.

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>mc punches main girl in the face
Now what?
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>mc punches main girl in the face
Then he sends his Mahou Shoujo Neko out to fight the enemy. From what I remember.
She's hurt
The awful threads.

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What a horrible reflection
I still don't know what bap means.
It's either a Korean boy band, a soft bread roll originally from Scotland, or British slang in the plural of A woman's breasts.

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Oh, it's time isn't it. Lemme get set up. Double comic this week
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Morals Committee Chief (Waterproof)

"The ones who will have the worst luck today will be Virgo"
"Be careful of water troubles"

"----So I've been feeling down all day"

"No matter what happens, you'll be fine. I'll put some waterproof spray on you"
"Thank you"

"Should I spray some on your panties as well to be safe?"
"I won't wet myself!!"
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Double comic? The most exciting time of the week!

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You didn't forget about me, right?
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Mx0 was a mediocre manga that deserved to be cancelled.
Who's this?

Fuck you, I liked it
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me too
This is the best semicolon animu after steins;gate.
nice boobs

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Desperate cakes always have better options than seeking for a man.
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Cake means an underage girl.
Christmas Cake means a single girl over 25.
Enjoy your ban
Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai

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