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Great girls in shitty shows
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I remember hating like 90% of the cast in this anime
Tensai and trap maid should've had their own show because they were the only two I didn't hate

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are a >slince of life anime

> no fights
> no politics
> no zero
> no new geass user

only slince of life
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I understand you're trying to make a retarded shitpost, but you do realize we've seen a PV already that disproves your greentext, right? Please don't try to shitpost, or post at all, if your IQ is lower than 100, thanks.
>slince of life
>slince of life
>literally the only thing you misspelled

I legitimately hope you choke to death on a hot dog before Geass s3 comes out.
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>are a>slince of life
Did you have a seizure while trying to post this?

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mirai and serval.jpg
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Will Mirai save the day?
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How did you post that so quickly?
I believe, OP, a better question would be: Will tsuchinoko stop being shit?

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>people still don't get it

"Kill Me Baby" was an allegory for the relationship between the West, mostly the United States, and Japan. Evidence for this can be seen throughout, especially in the anime. Let me explain for those unfamiliar.

Sonya represents your typical westerner, blond hair/blue eyes, the works. Yasuna represents Japan and Japanese people. The way these two interact really shows the allegorical message. You'll notice that whenever Yasuna uses a traditional Japanese method for solving a problem, Sonya will relentlessly berate her. This represents the western attacks on Japanese culture they perceive to be odd or uncivilised, and forcing themselves onto Japan. Yasuna attempting to be friendly towards Sonya, or trying to be like her is met with extreme violence, representing the wars of the West to keep a rising Japan out of their place in the sun. More direct references to specific wars include episode 2, when they have to fight a bear. Yasuna and Sonya win this fight, loosely by working together, but Yasuna is the biggest player by far. This, of course, is a reference to the Russo-Japanese War, a particularly proud victory for the Japanese. World War II is referenced several times, the most notable being when Yasuna and Sonya go fishing. Yasuna's expertise but overall failure and Sonya's overconfidence represent the several naval battles of the war.

Agiri and the unused character also have parts to play in the overall metaphor as well. Agiri being a Japanese citizen working with the West, which is ultimately unhelpful and only inconveniences the average Japanese citizen. The unused character is a representation of weeaboos, or other such people. They have no place in Japanese society, yet they continue to try to force their way on, leading to failure. They can never truly be Japanese.

There are many other examples.

"Kill Me Baby" may be one of, if not the most metaphorical and anti-western pieces of media I have ever seen from any nation.
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>Sonya represents your typical westerner, blond hair/blue eyes
The bullshit starts below this line.
I'm not reading this shit. If you're joking it's tl;dr, if you're serious take your pretentious ass back to whatever hipster infested hellhole you crawled out of.
This post is an example that some people shouldn't get off their meds.

Why is she single?
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Crippling depression and loss of your purpose in life aren't particularly attractive traits in a potential date.
She lost her yay

Nothing and no one could compare to the shiny rod.

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its alright
decent flick, shit ending

A character made to be corrupted.
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Your mum
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>mfw that skinsuit doujin
Good shit nigga.
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S2 next week

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Why is Illya drawn like this?
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So that pedos and manchildren will adore her more.
That being said, Ilya with tan-lines is adorable as well.
Because she's a slut
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To produce this reaction I believe.

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She is less preternaturally pale here than she was in the game, right? Her sprite looked like a sheet.
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C1hbxVnVQAEFbnL.jpg orig.jpg
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Anybody walk around muttering this move under their breath, or it that just me?
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face kongou.jpg
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>mfw all the english VAs were attempting to pronounce that move
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It has the best name for any special move, sounds really cool. But I don't know ping-pong, what does it mean?
>>154876286 lol ya, have to hit the Japanese audio sometimes

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Is this is the next big thing? it's going to blow up like crazy when anime adaptation comes out?

I didn't read it, but it's my favorite now. it's on top of my list of things i am exciting for.
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I like its edginess
>I didn't read it, but it's my favorite now.
Anime was a mistake
SInce i am liking it so much, i will read it. I was just curious if it's gonna blow up crazy like Attack on Titan and One Punch Man, both mangas i didn't get into much before i watched anime.

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Pic VERY related
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Forgotten series by /a/ that the only people that remember this is /dpg/ at /g/.

Not gonna lie s(he) makes me rock hard though, I want to make her straight for my dick.
You're acting like people actually forget instead of just stop talking about stuff like Himegoto.
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>Forgotten series by /a/ that the only people that remember this is /dpg/ at /g/.

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Did you know Initial D isn't the only anime to feature Eurobeat? Back in 2003, the same studio that made Fourth Stage also made a basketball anime called Dear Boys which featured Eurobeat in all its games. There's even a character in Dear Boys literally named Takumi Fujiwara.

Here's an example in episode 9, where they play a Dave Rodgers song.
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What the fuck is that Opening
I didn't know that. But thank you for informing me. Super eurobeat ga daisuki desu
Damn, I think I watched this one on animax asia, never really finished it though.

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ITT:Underrated characters from overrated shows
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He wasn't really much of a character. His personality was comparable to the insects he hoarded.
His design just got worse and worse.

>wake up in hospital
>16 March

How will you try to defeat Walpurgis and save Madoka this time, /a/?
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Kidnapping Madoka is literally the only safe way to not make her become a magical girl.

But dunno how to defeat walpurgis though
With my cock
Nobody can beat the cock
was walpurgis even defeatable w/o godoka

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