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What did she mean by that?
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Who even gives a shit anymore?
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She loves Mika

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Now that the dust has settled:

What is your opinion on the events that occurred on Aikatsu Stars episode Number 48 - A Song That Is Mine Alone?
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Lily was robbed by shitty writing.
It was perfectly good writing that makes sense, but only if you pay attention. And, you know, don't whine that you want Rola character development, but oh, not in this way. I've already talked about this too much today.
I'm so angry, I don't think it'll ever pass.

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Why do only males have nipples in anime? How do anime women feed their infants?
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They "sweat" milk like platypuses
There are several anime where the women have nipples and the guys don't. Take Future Diary for example. There is also anime where some guys have nipples and others don't.
Better question is why do mods allow nippled images of males, but if it's female then it gets a ban.

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>gets one shot

The dreams were over alright.
What will be his gimmick?
He gets one-shot in half a panel after his background introduction

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Can we solve the mystery of how this show lasted so long, got dubbed, and aired on cartoon network? Don't think its not worth your time? Here, watch this.

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It's honestly great.
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>These beans have spider webs in em
Jesus fucking christ
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More To Love-Ru when?
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Hopefully never.
You have fucking shit taste.

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I want to bully this deaf bitch
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And then reconcile and fall in love with her years later?
That's called love.
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That picture looks a lot like chitose

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Animes where the ending are much better than the opening.
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That's almost always the case in my opinion.
>that garbage better than Re:Re:
yeah no
Re:Re: was probably the best thing in that show

Can someone give me the run down on this show, is it actually bad/very mediocre?
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iron fist
plastic surgery
No, it's great.
But Triggerniggers couldn't handle a real, nuanced character drama, without explosions, memes, tits and asses every 5 seconds.
It was okay. The theme was great.

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What went wrong?
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Nothing really. Remove the idol to begin with and that's it.
he's a hand-holding machine. he can hold BOTH their hands and it'll MESH
Dropped in episode 2, did something good happend?

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This series defied my expectations I never thought that any funnier anime could come around

Have we truly reached the peak of comedy?
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First season is so much better
2/10. You bring shame to false flaggers everywhere.
No but it's pretty gud

I'll get around to reading the light novel soon

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I want Chinatsu-chan to rape me.
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No you don't, she's rough.

Go to bed Akari.
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No, Yui, NO! I'm not a pillow.

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dagashi kashi.jpg
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>find anime with godly character designs
>really want to watch it and love it
>but it's actually pure shit

Why does this keep happening?
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there is literally nothing wrong with degashikashi
I was already burnt from that candy stuff.
it's boring as shit. There's only so much you can do when you base an entire show around obscure Japanese candy references and nothing else.

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What was the most disappointing anime you have ever seen? For me, it was Mayoiga
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>it was Mayoiga
why? there was no way it was ever going to be good

but at least it was entertaining
Little Witch Academia.
danganronpa 2 anime. I

It was hinted so hard in the game that something happened to the main characters that they fell to despair, that talent is everything (ibuki got herself kicked from her band even thougth she was talented because she was obnoxious) but in the end we got mindhacks, talent is everything and computer girl was jesus, also nekomaru should have been the class leader, his talent was to lead for fuck sake

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Post some flawless anime MCs.

I think Goku is one of the best anime MCs of all time.
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But the best MCs are flawed, anon.

Goku's definitely flawed too.
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My boy

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