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I feel like I'm reading a Harem-manga,
the number of his male followers seems to steadily increase
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erase this.png
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Eraser-chan is best girl
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I prefer the hand-reading-girl
>how the fuck can he have so many kids without having sex?
>is he going to donate sperm during college?
>adopting them?
>is he going to get raped by a bunch of girls?
would it be okay to drop the latest chapter?
It came out today
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>guess who
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>Maybe it's just you Aizawa?
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>seriously, just leave him alone
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why is handa even so great
I believe that's intentional.
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>ditch them Yukicchi, do it, RUN
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>it's too late for him
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there are three sensible people in this manga and all three of them are useless
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she's here, our lord and saviour: Eraser-chan
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luckily she only ties up other girls
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>the librarian the least stalky of them all
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look closely people, that's part of a puzzle
i liked this better than sakamoto
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stealth is not their strong suit
I actually liked the anime better.

Wish it was longer.
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nobody in this manga is very smart
>hm, except maybe one person...
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I don't know anymore
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that's going too far
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wait for it
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>she just wants to play
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I can't remember seeing this woman before
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I guess he can only run straight ahead
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that they never stop and think:
>Hey, maybe I am the stalker
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they really like Handa
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hah! he thinks it's that easy
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is he actually foaming out of his mouth?
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Praise be Handa!
he's puking when he sees Handa out of irrational fear of him
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>I think he'll understand Handa-kun
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if you think about it, three of those guys ran after him with hammers
I'd be terrified too
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he finally speaks up!
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maybe they'll finally stop chasing him?
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the only thing we could possibly hope for is for them to outgrow their unhealthy obsession
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poor Yuki-kun, how did you end up like this?
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you might know the solution to this puzzle
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it's kind of obvious
like, what is Kawafuji's end-game?
The Handab-owl

Hiroshi's at first in the current timeline though.
>the handa-bowl
Handa will die alone and umarried, that`s basically canon by now
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Thread images: 35

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