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Whatever happened to him? I remember that at the end of his novel he said he was still struggling with being a hikikimori and that he was basically just living off of the royalties from his book. How's he doing now? Has he done any new stuff? Hope he's doing better.
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He wrote a couple of short stories and a novel ever since that postface

Nowadays he was some weird group meditation podcast in his website
huh weird. He seemed to dismiss religion/spirituality in Welcome to the NHK. I guess he found something in it the second time around. At least he's doing shit tho.

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I'm going to confess to Mugi. Wish me luck.
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Let's marathon Mugi-centric K-On episodes together whenever she turns you down to rub in what you'll never have.
>used goods
Lol should be easy
nigga mugi isn't even real how tf are you supposed to confess lmao

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No one did the Euphonium S2 BDs? Did it get that unpopular?
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Subbing BDs is getting more and more uncommon now that Crunchyroll owns the fansubbing market.
Just sad. Where is the UN resolution condemning this?
When there's already 4 volumes out and not one rip I don't have much faith

There is absolutely nothing wrong with CG anime.
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Bad CG > Bad drawings
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I agree
Fix the fucking framerate

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ITT 10/10 villains
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But that's the hero from burn notice.
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>tips fedora

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Why doesn't anime have casual loli nudity anymore? I can watch any number of 90s anime and there are nipples all over the place.
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>those udders
>I can watch any number of 90s anime and there are nipples all over the place.
No you can't. Try actually watching some and you'll see that nudity isn't a given, even in OVA.
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>bitches about lolis in anime
>posts a decomposing old hag

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The lesbian yandere chapters were shit. Almost dropped.
It's worth bearing for more cutes Komi-san.

Glad it's over too.

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Assuming they ever make a new season of Manben, What Mangaka do you wish would appear in it?
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> /a/
> 2017
> discussing anything decent and sophisticated
Didn't they just make something called "Jump Ryu" or something similar?
You can do better than this, /v/.

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>no reply
I guess never then
We don't know yet, there hasn't been an announcement.
All I need is for Nina to die.

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>mc stabs the main girl with a pen
Now what?
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>main girl stabs the MC with multiple sharp school supplies
>mc stabs the main girl with a penis
maybe her butt hurts

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Which anime adventuring group is the best? pic unrelated
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the biscuit guys
Isidoro, Serpico, Farnese and fairies are cancer. Berserk could have been so much better with decent party members in their place.
>when americans are better at making anime than japanese

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is anyone else looking forward to this 7 sins anime that's finally airing next season? I remember it being announced 5ever ago but it kept getting delayed for some reason. they've been selling figurines for a couple years now, and there are some audio dramas on jewtube, but I don't think they're translated.

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looking at the staff I'm cautiously optimistic. the director is the same as queen's blade, and one of the chief animators worked on high school dxd. on the other hand the script writer was responsible for rail wars and the worst season of minami-ke.
>girls with horns

too bad all the art on gelbooru is for ants, and most of the good stuff isn't even scanned.

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What is the objectively best page of the manga you've most recently read/are reading?
Fuck you this part was awesome
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Are fire punch-fags the new cancer?
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Yes. It's only gonna get worse from now on.

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Time to do some chapters. Dunno if edit anon's gonna show up, but I should work on some Imouto
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Reminder that SYD is tomorrow.
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How to throw trash away

I thought of something ground breaking

When I throw out the tissue I'm done using,
Like printouts I don't need
And I'd wrap one more sheet of paper on top of it.

I can seal off the squid smell by doing this,
And my sister can't turn it into a joke.

But the next day, she made a lot of recovery cooking.
Soft shelled turtle
Boiled liver
It seems like she's checking my health. So tomorrow, I think... I should turn things back the way they were.
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Comic 1

"You cannot write the alphabet vertically"

"You'll make it erotic"

"Won't things turn out okay?"

"In your case, there wouldn't be a 'W' right?"
"I challenge you to a duel, Komiyama-sensei"

Comic 2
Super favorite food


"When my favorite food is in front of me, my saliva just comes out"
"It happens, it happens"


"I feel like someone's really concentrating hard on me for some reason"

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fairy saw some shit.png
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What he was trying to stop there?
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>a gay pillow fight

I never knew I wanted this.
I-is this official art?

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