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>watching chimera ants arc
>shit happens
>piano music starts playing
>episode ends
>"asa o musabori yoru o hakidashi ikan to suru waga saga"

>ywn experience the best arc for the first time again

inb4 bad
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OP can't inb4.
>when the fucking ending started playing at the end of 134 while Meruem cheered Welfin and Pouf fell into tears with theatrical scenery and Meruem's light illuminating everyone "the one who illuminates all"
that fucking masterpiece
Tru. Nothing will ever compare to those last episodes.

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You will wake up as a little anime girl tomorrow,
But only if you post little girl feet!
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>wake up as a little anime girl
Been there, done that. Now I hunger only for nice anime.
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But anon, anime was perfect in 1995 by Hideaki Anno, why do you keep torturing yourself?

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Why are the two Keions with the best characterization also the two least popular?
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>Least popular
What are you smoking?
Ritsu is ugly and disgusting.
Is it just me or are there more K-ON threads here today than usual? What happened?

>[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - 12 [720p].mkv
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Why is Aoyagi so overpowered now?
I stopped reading the manga after Naruko's race in Osaka so I don't know if Fukujun's suits this guy's personality, but its always nice to hear his smooth voice again.
Aoyagi is STILL pure and beautiful! But please don't ever do that again.

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Isn't it weird that Goku doesn't interact much with Jobcha considering he was one his first friends?

You could probably count on one hand the amount of times Goku has spoken to him post-DB.
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I have been thinking that for a long time, it pisses me off
He was a main character for so long, now hes the master of cring, no one seems to want him around and he doesnt get to do anything
is anyone on the show REALLY Goku's friend?
you could say Krillin but i think he interacts more with Gohan, especially in the pre-Cell movies
We'll it depends on your criteria for friend because you could say every protagonist on the show is his friend.

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Miracle of the universe
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She pushes those tits up nicely. I'd love to have sex with her.
Satomi Arai is inherently erotic beyond all human limitations.
I want her to talk suggestively to me while Kobayashi Yu and HanaKana yell in my face.

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Now that the dust has settled, will this be any good?
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>Now that the dust has settled
You do this AFTER it airs
>newfag fucks up
>people call him out on it
>newfag calls them newfags
Is this a new meme cooked up by /int/
I've been seeing this more and more often on /a/

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Whats /a/ watching next season?

As for me:
Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Alice to Zouroku
Sakura Quest
Uchouten Kazoku 2
Re:Creators maybe

>mfw the majority of the threads will be shitposting about Eotons or Baruto Sand Ninjas
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Sword Oratoria.
the continuation of my life falling apart
Its probably gonna be a backlog season for me.
I'll probably watch the first episode of Tsugumomo just to see how badly they butchered it
also this

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Well fuck my luck.

There goes any chance of getting a season 2.
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you mean his luck, right?
Holy fuck, it's real.
Not that we were going to have a S2 if he stayed alive.

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The future is here.
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who bitch this is?
I'll call dibs on her ahead of time just incase.
No seriously, I missed the announcement. Is this a new manga or anime?

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I just marathoned the first episode of Flip Flappers and aside from being cute I honestly don't see what /a/ likes so much about it. Does it get better?
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Did your friend who watches the show tell you it's amazing?
You've tried this dumb shit before, fuck off
Is this a first or do you frequently make threads after only watching the first episode? Nothing of value will come from it, and that's fairly obvious.

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Is Gintama good? I mean I've watched like the first 40 episodes and I just don't see what's good about this show? The only thing is that it's funny. Does it get better or does it stays the same all the time? Friend who watches the show says that it's amazing.
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If you honestly think its funny you are already too far gone from common sense for good advice.
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what I watched & got.jpg
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I actually just recently started watching the show, and caught up just in time for the new season when it started.All in all, it was helluva ride! No idea if I'd bothered to sit through the first season when it aired, but being able to marathon it all did make it easy to digest. The cast grows on you, some of the re-occuring jokes are actually quite hilarious (others can be hit or miss), and the few "serious" chapters can be pretty fucking amazing stuff.

Few tips:
1) You should SKIP the first 2 episodes. Those are literally filler, as you prolly already noticed. Ep3 is the first REAL episode of the show.

2) The first 20-25 episodes or so are literally dedicated for introductions and mild foreshadowing. While not exactly terrible, that section is easily the worst the show has to offer. It starts picking up the pace after that, with the first ""recap"" episode being a lovely change of pace and example of the show's better humor. You get a first decent "serious" mini-arc around ep 40, which can be seen as an appetizer of things to come.

However, the show REALLY starts to kick up the pace and style after the first year, with the second season packing tons of cool, memorable chapters and way better production values to boot. The legendary "Benizakura" arc is pretty much the show's counterpart to Bleach's "Soul Society" arc, as in the part where everyone agrees shit really hits the fan and gets interesting. It will pretty much set the overall style of the show for the entire series afterwards, with small ups and downs between the arcs.

The arcs of Gintama are notably shorter than in typical Shounen series, which I think helps keeping them well paced and easier to watch too. Some are humorous, some more serious & action-packed, some half-half.

tl;dr: Skip first 2eps, give the show minimum of 25eps, preferably full 50 before you pass judgement. 1st season is merely "OK" for most part, but still VERY required to get into the series' cast and lore.
Thanks for the info, seems interesting, I will try to marathon it too then.

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Hey, wanna buy some Instrumentality?
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So, they have these on sale now?
No thanks

>How I Went from Not Going to School to Writing anohana and The Anthem of the Heart
Will you read it, /a/? You want to know how the masterpieces get produced, don't you?
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Should've been How I Went from Not Going to School to Writing Kiznaiver and Mayoiga. And then give her the JUST hair on the cover.
Yes I sure wonder how she went from your classic NEET to one of the worst drama writer in the anime industry.
Be careful of that edge, you might cut yourself with it.

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Was Rebellion a good idea?
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I am Homura's husband.

Ask me anything.
It wasn't.

How on Earth did you manage to become her husband?
Did it make money? That's all they care about

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