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Stay healthy boys
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Eating fruits is just a meme. A burger is literally healthier than a fruit.
Fruit is just sugar with some vitamins mixed in.
Thanks Akk- i mean Diana

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Quick, Rikka needs help balancing!
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That ass is wasted on a useless chuuni like her.
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Rikka's feet look soft as snow.
Reminder that this ass is canon

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Has there ever been a more blatant fapbait character?
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She had one job and she did it really well. It's not like Danmachi has much going for it anyways.
Probably not, but it's enough to make me like her.

Idol Jihen is, imho, a post feminist anime. I use this word to define the idea of women being better than males but smart enough to not tell this to the male. They use the ignorance of the male, who believes to be in control, as another tool. This is an important element in the female vengeance/violence genre. The difference is that now the struggle is completely political, unlike say Lady Snowblood 2 where she kills nationalists not because she's anti-nationalist because they fucked with her. Now the fight is against a party, not an individual. This is a relevant progression for the genre.
To this there is connected a second message: the mass is shit. Ignorante, stupid, disgusting, and so on. In the 8th episodde we saw the same people that were opposed to the stadium for ambietalist reasons get mad when the stadium isn't built anymore because now they were going to lose progits. The mass, presented as made of mostly by males, is something you can only use, you can't trust them. From this it follows the absurdist-realistic idea of their world, where people vote according to songs. This attacks democracy, but never to the point of saying it's wrong, simply flawed. We saw also a negative view of violence, the Cherry 7 were using weapons to defend the Gourai party against the power of love and friendship.
The worker is not glorified, he's the definition of the brute.
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From these the idead of the good guys party are built: economically they take a third view between capitalism and comunism, here there is no central authority but the priority of the individual (not the state) is the comunity, not making money.
The characters are feminists. The women here fight to be able to decide if they want to work. We saw this both in episode whatever, where we also see the kids (this is important) fight, and with Shizuka, where she goes against her father's wishes. And what is her father if not the patriarchy? It is important to notice that the bad guy in the kids/mums episode was not a cartoon villain. Everything he said had a solid logic to it, with which you could agree. Idol Jihen is not strawmaning, it doesn't want to, it attacks what is actually some people think.

This anime doesn't want to attack males because they are male, they are attacked when they are wrong. The girls' party has a male member. We are told that some younger members of the Gourai part agrees with the girls. In general, the positive male figure will be below the woman, he knows, accept, and likes this.
It's important these males are young. It's not coincidence that the only woman of the bad party we see is old. The complete message here is a struggle between the old patriarchy made of fathers and a new youhg matriarchy supported by the kids as well. We see this in episode 11 where we are shown the mc dancing. These scene, exaggerated on purpose, is there to show us what we were told before about the idols being tehe light of the world. I don't know if you know Bocca di Rosa, but it reminded me of that a lot.
There are then the positions taken by the anime. "Hammer the nail that sticks out" is seen as childish and negative. The girls, all from different sub-cultures (space nerd, gyarus, etc.), are all friends. Kinda like Senran Kagura's "Where good accepts few, evil accepts all". It's normal people who don't like different people. And who are the normals doing? they make fun of girls for silly things, complete bullshit, stereotypes, and so on. There is also an evident dislike for the media, for the press.
When Gourai's boss tells you that he wants to ban idol politicians because you can't do two things at once, the anime takes the other position. Politics is then something that you do as a second job. It follows a responsibilization of the citizen, who now is aware that he could, and thus should, be the one involved in politics instead of letting a politician do it for him. A democracy even more total than the greek one. Everything is narrated in a way that makes you forget all of this started as a fight against corruption, and now you focus only on the idols fate. You, the viewer, is then the same as the dumb male that is part of the mass and you should feel bad. The last episode remarks that the big bad actually believes in democracy. He may tell his own side of the truth, but he actually accept what people decide. What do we get them from an anime where the mass, the police, and powerful politicians managed to defeat democracy, letting the illegal, extra parlamentar, idols to perform?
And why was is it presented a good thing? the answer here is obvious, it's because you the viewer were part of the crowd that let the idols march against the wishes of the population, of the milions who voted in peace. And as such, you are biased and blinded, to you what mattered was letting your rulers I mean cute idols win.
So, it's shit?

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Opening revealed, not too fan of the 3DCGI, but at least, the OP looks pretty good...
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Is it another one of those cases when little girl somehow gets into mecha for the first time and proceeds to wipe out hordes of enemies like a hardened veteran?
Maybe? We don't know a shit about the plot...
We can probably guess judging by the op's image.

Did Gohan ruin Videl or did Videl ruin Gohan ?
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Gohan and Videl are the top two dragon ball characters and perfect cell is the third place.
Chi-chi ruined Gohan, Videl finished the job.
Videl was great until Gohan came along and told her to cut her hair and let her get beaten nearly to death by a giant Russian which made her into the ideal subservient Japanese woman.

Fuck Gohan. Fucking nerd.

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Season 2 is coming.

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I'm going to find something else to do.
Later cute anons and retards.
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Gabble gabble
Just give up retard. It's better for you.

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Today is Chiyo's birthday, March 27th

Happy birthday Chiyo!
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First for Seo-sempai
It's my birthday, too! Happy birthday Chiyo!
Another year
Nozaki-kun still hasn't noticed Chiyo

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>3 fingers

Shaft is fucking shit.
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>>3 fingers
Do you have trouble counting?
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I dream a lot about Asuka.

We were trying to make it back through a portal and were running from monsters in an abandoned city. I was beating stuff to death with a metal rod.

We got to the portal and she pushed me through.

The portal closed. I woke up.
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How much of a fag do you have to be to dream about Asuka and not end up fucking her at some point

>duel audio language
>default english
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You can change your settings in MPC-HC to always play Japanese audio.
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>not knowing how to set up your video player
>Be a retard
>Make a shit thread on /a/ about it
>Kill self when upon becoming a laughingstock

let's play a game /a/

You're designing a new shonen, and you have managed to lure Kishimoto, Kubo, and Oda into your multipurpose dungeon.

You need to assign

Characters Design

Who gets what?
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Kubo gets character design.
Oda gets powers.

Unfortunately this leaves Kishimoto with plot, but there wasn't really anything else I was going to put him on.
I want Gaia to leave.

Kubo for designs
Oda for plot
Kishi for powers

As long as that faggot kishi sticks to early Naruto tier shit, this could be the goat

Did everyone drop this show?
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I didn't.
It drove me fucking mad that the beginning of the ED strongly reminded me of a song, and I couldn't ask anybody what song that was because THERE WERE NO THREADS.
No, but I haven't watched the last episode yet.
Yes, it's pretty bad

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How would you describe this toy?
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eyebrows are too thick
she's not my toy and that's the biggest flaw
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So, when is that fucking anime?

They can skip everyone and just do Wakamoto's route, or just stick to Natsumi and Ririko, nobody cares about Sachi or Touka
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>nobody cares about Sachi or Touka

Fuck you buddy
Played the game, but not the sequel.

What did I miss?
What was the game antagonist backstory?
What about the tweeest?

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