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Is she a German?
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I didn't know Germans were natural diggers.
a germie?
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You don't know Germans then

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What is your opinion about the trio of Bahamut sub-heroines?
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Cute, but not as cute as Luno-chan.
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>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Pure and innocent
>Strong and intelligent
>Sweet and gentle
>Loyal and truly loves Lux
>Sexiest design ever
Lisha-sama is truly perfect.
Is she up for anal?

Wow, this is actually not that bad /a/. Im liking how everything follows the adventures of Kid Goku, Trunks and Pan. They are all super likable and the introduction of the Black Star Dragon Balls and Ultimate Shenron was really cool. I don't see why fans wouldnt like GT. (Although I have yet to see season 2).

So whats /a/'s thoughts on GT? Did it do appropriate justice for DBZ and did you think its worthy to stand in the series? If not, what were your complaints and why didnt you enjoy it as a fan?
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Yeah, freakin Baby is so cool. I like him as a villian. Way more baller than Frieza.
Takes a horrible nosedive in quality after Baby.

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Hard mode: the show sold or averaged less than a thousand copies.
Hardest mode: the source material wasn't popular in Japan either.

Starting with one of the best examples of both hard mode and hardest mode.
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>what is LWA
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>It's a nips have shit taste episode

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Witch ED.jpg
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Name a better ED.
Pro-tip: you can't
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>both JC Staff shows with 5 chibi girls in the ED

makes you think

Ma in realtà la migliore è Samurai Heart

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All the talent left to other studios
The value is in the IPs.
You mean the ones they keep selling off to pay denbts?

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Does anyone else identify more with Evangelion with every passing year?
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I identify more with Neon, myself.
If you are,it means you are missing the point of it and not improving your life.
No because I've seen actual good anime before, you should watch some as well.

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Why the fuck didn't Araragi date Hanekawa? She's far more interesting and better than the boring piece of garbage known as Senjougahara
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Hanekawa is worst girl. Get this whore out of my sight.
This, Araragi has better taste
Hanekawa only has her tits. In Musubi she got a breast reduction. Disgusting mutilated tits.

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Post best 90's OPs
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You fucked up already.

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So I was going through the chart for Spring 2017 and am I blind or is there no Shaft or KyoAni show next season?

Sangatsu S2 is in Autumn, isn't it?
Does Maidragon continue?
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Maidragon is getting a 3 cour sequel in Summer.
What is the logic behind that?

I mean 1 cour+3 cours vs. 2x(2 cours).
Source? That sounds like bs

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Third chapter just posted.
What do you think psycho mum is going to do when she meets best girl?
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I really don't know what is going on.
Nothing abnormal is actually happening but the atmosphere is weird that everything feels weird or strange.
It's just going to continue like that forever and nothing strange will ever occur

Everyone is going to fuck in a giant incestuous orgy at the end, aren't they?

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Why did you kill 4000 people?
>I forgot
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Sounds like his problem is loss of memory.
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Kirito vs Sugou.jpg
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>Hey Kirito thanks for foiling my plans and getting me killed
>Let me help you
>I'm a ghost
Can you remember the last thing you ate before taking a shit 2 years ago at this very day?

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Were gyarus a mistake?
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Gyarus are a miracle of the universe.
She looks more of a delinquent type than gyaru
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Does /a/ like Goblin Slayer?
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goblin manlet.png
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Gee, I wonder.
File: the goblin emperor.png (1MB, 802x1060px)Image search: [Google]
the goblin emperor.png
1MB, 802x1060px

It would have been a much better series if Goblin Slayer had turned out to be a mind broken goblin.
Don't bother, it's obvious he wanted his own thread so he could show off his epic funny maymay image. That's what you get when your fanbase is rife with /v/ faggots.

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