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Mine's not too interesting a story, but it still haunts me for this very day….

Do you remember those cartoons you're watching as a kid, you know: Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball? Well I consider myself a bit of an efficionado for these sorts of of movies, and a bit of a collector of these sorts of movies.

It was three years ago…. I was in in garage sale and was browsing through an old movie collection box full of movies and didn't finding anything that interests me, a little worn out VCRs of Pokemon which costed $5 and Dragon Ball Z which costed $8, of course which I've already collected a thousands of times so I didn't find anything that interests me. As I was just getting ready to leave I turned around and fell from the box a VCR with No Cover but the only written on it was "Serial Experiments Lain" in blood red Sharpie and it didn't have a price tag. Now I have never heard of this movie before, so I asked the old man how much it would cost because there was no price tag and he took one look at it and told me to take it and get out and never come back, which I thought was pretty rude but I didn't think much of it.

I was so excited that I found this new VCR that I went back home as quick I can and immeditaley invited my friend Eric to watch it with me and we took the VCR but I notice that the red Sharpie had smeared a little almost looked like blood red fluid dripping from the title (Serial Experiments Lain), but it was unnoticable so we popped it in and started it played on the television.

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Now the first weird thing that happened was that when it started playing I heard a creepy voice and more blood red text appeared on the screen and the creppy part was that the voice seemed to KNOW we just started playing it and told us the current date and startid laughing with a creepy voice as more red text appeared on screen. Then it suddenly cuts to static and a static sound was playing and my friend Eric thought it broked so he hit it a few times. I could have sworn for a second there I saw a face of a girl staring at me from behind the static. She looked so sad as if she was trying to reach out….

After a few hits the video resumed and the Theme Song started playing it's normal. I told Eric about the girl and he said that he didn't see anything and i must be going crazy but i swore there was an face. The episode had actually beginned now and im greeted with a creepy voice calling saying "I wish you would come here…" but my friend Eric says they were just all gibberish, so i convents myself I must be hearing things.

The next thing I KNOW I didn't imagine though it was a girl she jumps off a building and fell to her death as if she was commuting suicide, it was horrifying and there was blood red fluid leaking from her hand. Me nad Eric looks at each other and we knew it was real before Eric started puking because of how horrible it was and then I started puking because of the smell. This was wrong, I'm an efficionado but I've never seen something so violent and graphics and suddenly I got a bad feeling for the rest of the episode….

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The next we find out the show's main character is the girl named Lain who seemed wiredly familiar to me like I saw her before but I couldn’t have have because this was the first time I was watching the show. The rest of the episode was pretty normal and I thought that maybe the beginning were just a mistake. She does texting and wants her a new computer. What's weird to me is the hole time I could understand them but my friend Eric said its all jibberish to him, like some wierd language. But then.… it got creppy again, the girl who fell off the building and died was standing there at the end before the cuts to the Ending Theme. I was understatably shook because she was supposed to fall off the building and died. Eric's face was now pail.

The next episode again had the creepy voice return, as if to mocking us, taunting me with its sinester laugh and blood red text before breaking into static again. There was definitely a girl there, I'm sure of it, but who does she remind me of?? This episode again was fairly normal. The girls are out clubing and enjoy the time, it was a pretty fun adventure and finally me and Eric settled down again. But then it happened: a Violent Man who appeared possessed by something appeared with a gun and pointed the gun, violently shooting with a gun graphically, before the girl from the first episode, Lain, tells a very creepy message and he violently shoots HIMSELF with a gun graphically. The violent and graphic imagery was horrifying and my friend Eric started puking horrifically. It was horrifying and the smell alone was enough to make me start puking. Maybe my gut feeling was right…. This show felt sinister….

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We were seriously scared now, but we just had to see this through, so we keped pressing forwards through the episodes. Again and again, we would be mocked by the creepy voice which somehow knew more than it should and I kept seeing that face that seemed so familiar in the static. There were more scenes of violence, too many to count, and a creapy organitation called the Knights introduced into the story, who commuted acts of graphics and violence. The horror escaladed further and fuhrer, culmanating in the mass massacre of all the Knights their corpses were left, dead, there and it was horrifying. Eric began to puke, and I stood there mouth agape ad the carnage that was occurring. I wanted it to stop and I tried to eject the VCR but the eject was jammed and it kept on going, we had no choice but to keep watching as the horrific slaughter continued.

We finally reached the last episode, episode thirteen…. It was midnight, friday the 13th. I had a bad feeling this episode. There was no mysterious voice this time. Instead came up a girl on the screen, but this time could clearly be seen instead of static. And then…. she started speaking to me directly. Eric looked at me like I was crazy but i know what I heard and she asked me if she was real and I just left speachless, a cold spine went down my neck and I was shivered to the core. The episode begain with a horrific monster that should be impossible to exist or even start to describe, but they were horrifying and gruesome and graphics. I was going to turn the TV off but I was paralyzed with fear…. and then it happen…. Lain destroys the monster and then…. dissapears and resets everything. As the episode plays out I was confused and mixed with a dread that maybe it was finally over…. but then after the final scene there came back the static and in it was Lain and she told me "I'm here so I'll be with you forever", but Eric says there was nothing there. The VCR finally finished and shut off


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have a (You), you blaspheming Axist creep

I know you lot are on the brink of starvation, don't spend it all in one place
Ar least we eat on a table, eris dog.
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Are Japanese schools really okay with their students crossdressing?
>technically they're still wearing the schooluniform
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In order to punish her for it, they'd first have to prove that she's a girl. But they can't do that without violating her privacy.
She could and would sue the school.
wouldn't they have to have a rule first stating that girls have to wear the uniform for girls and boys the uniform for boys?
if they don't have a rule like this, or it only states that:
>students have to wear the school uniform
without specifying gender
there would be no actual rule-breaking and teh teachers can't do anything
>a rule like this is the reason Utena can wear her uniform
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>they´d have to prove
All they need to do is look at her official documents, if she´s enrolled they´ll know if she´s female or male.

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nyanko days1.jpg
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It ended.
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And it's all my fault.
What is this stupid cat doing?

>tfw no gf like aki
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>Masamune marries Aki
>they have several children together
>happy memories made raising their family together
>growing old spoiling their grandchildren
>Aki finally lies on her deathbed holding Masamune's hand with a smile on her face feeling fulfilled with her life
>Masamune reveals that it was all part of his revenge
>he tells Aki she's a bitch and how all along he never really loved her
>with Aki's last waking moment she hears the maniacal laughter of Masamune who has a heart attack and dies the very same minute

The perfect revenge.
He would have to do some other shit as well. Maybe plowing best girl and admiting to having another family.
Who's best girl?

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Considering that Oregairu is rife with 'visual' and textual nuance that serves as a guise for the characters' intentions and deeper meaning, would it be autistic of me to go through the whole series (again) with pen and paper, jotting down notes on said elements whenever they appear (e.g. noting when Yui shyly shows affection to 8man)? I want to get a better understanding of the series since the latter half has an incredible tonal shift and serves to confuse a lot of people.
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Dude that anime is fucking shit. There's no hidden faggotry, it just sucks.
But I like it. And I'm not just talking about the anime, I mean the LNs too.
No one cares anymore. Watari killed the series by delaying the final volume for over a year.

Man what the FUCK

How come this fucking guy can't ever make an ending not make you want to fucking kill yourself?
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If you keep wanting to kill yourself, maybe you should just get it over with, so you can get it off your mind and focus on other things.

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I'm searching for some Friends, will you join me?
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I want to fuck this bird.
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Unhand that birb.
What does her wild release look like?

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>Set alarm in the middle of the night
>See this
What do?
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>set alarm
>see clock
all acording to keikaku
Remember rooftop Clock and cry
Set penis to destroy mode.

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/m/ anon here.
Does /a/ like Zeta Gundam?
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No, it's overrated and makes a mockery of Gundam by dismissing everything that made the OYW's atmosphere great. Zeta is only held up from being declared total shit by the existence of ZZ, which is total shit.

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Whats this robot called again?
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>Dontonbori Robo?
i still dont get the joke

is it an NTR joke?

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Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
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I would like to request Mai Natsume in her bikini swimming underwater. E.g.:

Another suggestion is Mai encountering difficulties due to the size of her chest similar to one of the situations depicted here: http://i.imgur.com/qmkUIPT.jpg

Or perhaps Mai in her evening gown: http://i.imgur.com/hm2QCQe.png

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
File: NatsumoeV4_1.jpg (3MB, 5001x2555px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 5001x2555px
Requesting Natsume dressed in 2B's outfit or A2's outfit from NieR:Automata preferably gliding with Pod 042 or wearing a lunar tear on her left ear, anything else is cool as well.

2B and Lunar Tear reference: http://imgur.com/a/DPSVc
A2 reference: http://imgur.com/a/UzTzt

Joint Requesting Natsume and Noir >>155072010
- Both waiting at a bus stop to avoid the rain
- Noir putting a cat ear headband on Natsume
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd love to see her as an embarrassed or shy, or just simply super cute school girl, wearing some cute blazer school uniform.

Or having headphones around her neck, optionally wearing something cute/cool and casual.

Or with a cute ribbon in her hair.

Or brushing morning hair.

Anything else cute is also fine!

Please and thanks!

Why is Benio so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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>Protecting her sister.
Benio is the best in the show, Also a top tier cutie.

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best anime, best girl, best soundtrack, best animation.
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You're not wrong...
best princess best maho shoujou
>Worst voices
>Worst "Hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" shit
Seriously, I would have loved the crap out of this anime if not for that obnoxious bullshit.

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Ordinal Scale.jpg
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>post a sound
>rate someone else's taste /10
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This movie worth watchng? I have only watched season 1. That song sounds pretty good.
Yes. And surprisingly the theme song is the less good of the songs, all the Yuna inserts are better.
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King Muscle.jpg
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It's good.
>when a Korean OP is better than the Japanese OP

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