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What was Kobayashi's present?
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Looks like a CapriSun pouch
raw tail meat?
I'm an idiot but I thought this made sense a few seconds ago

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I just saw Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and loved the shit out of it. Currently watching K-ON whihch is making me realize I need more of this MOE bullshit in my life. My taste is not shit, fight me
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You've become a real man
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I'll fight you and I'll beat you up!
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>My taste is not shit

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Who is the better loli?
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Rem is a better loli than those two.
Only one of them is a real loli.
That's a dragon, not your daughter.

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Worst outfit, worst girl.
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I swear to god I'll punch you in the throat
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But it's cute

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What do I do now that all the season's moe anime is ending
>Gab Dropout, Kobayashi, Demi-chan
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Go through your backlog and just endure the travesty known as next season.
This thread is cute and I want to hug you and tell you that everything will be okay
thats all I need

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Doujins when?
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>still no tatsumaki buttjob

fucking gooks
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I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of gay ones

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Is there a single Anime Opening cuter than this one?


I'll wait.
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All of them
Did this set the standard for good anime OPs?
I actually thought opening 1 was really boring.
Now opening 2, that's when shit gets good.

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Post the anime that got you back into anime after you'd given up on the medium.
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I hadn't really "given up" per se, but I was definitely over shounenshit
Usually I'll just rewatch a favourite
I didn't give up but I was almost exclusively just reading manga until I started watching S1 of Konosuba last year and it made me fall in love with anime again. The problem was I was avoiding cute stuff and ecchi stuff. Konosuba broke my barriers.

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I'll start with an obvious one
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Great characters, great soundtrack, good atmosphere, shit ending.
Also RIP White
Not obvious and not good either

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15 minutes till subs.
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I want to rape Shoebill.
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>1384 / 250 / 181 / 10
No brakes on a tanoshi train.
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They can spam islands until there's no tomorrow How many seasons should be enough?

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Watched - Expected - Got
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Where's that prison school WEG?

This has to be the most overrated anime I've ever seen
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Anyone you talk to gives Hellsing a pretty fair assessment. Not sure why you consider it overrated
The entire anime revolves arround alucard waving his dick to everyone while never being at a serious chance of dying.
Okay now stop being retarded and watch Ultimate.

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>mfw there is only one line now left on the title logo in the next chapter

Fuck, there's no misdirection here either and ambiguity like with Norman.

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Holy fuck... what a chapter.

Anime when?
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Would an anime even do Fire Punch justice? I'm doubtful.
All you threads are dead as fuck, why do you keep making them?
This is the first thread I've made in weeks! Is it wrong to want to discuss Fire Punch? This shit is crazy.

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Is she our girl
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4chan reference? Kyoani confirmed for bros
Yep, we're also ugly so we can relate
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No, but she is.

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