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What is /a/'s general consensus on Rurouni Kenshin getting 5 more new arcs?

I for one, think that it's unnecessary. The story ended nicely and I don't see any real reason for Watsuki to ruin it with his shameless cash cow milking.
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>general consensus
I do think it ended perfectly and don't need new arcs, though curiosity and nostalgia makes md excited for what is to come. I hope Watsuki will deliver.
dude needs the money obv, watcha gonna do
His current art style sucks. Not sure if I want it or not.

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There isn't a single good anime that features time travel in it.
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This loli does it. Monogatari is still awesome.

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Which is better /a/?

Anime only. Bringing the Higurashi VN and other 07th expansion shit will give Higurashi an unfair advantage
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>Anime only
That's cheating
In terms of what? Animation? Art style? General horror feel?
You have to be more specific
>which one of these two shows that have absolutely nothing in common is better

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short PV out

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What? Kase-san is getting animated? I thought it was Citrus and NTR.
No, we are getting a music video.
Oh well, good enough, it was too early for an anime anyways, maybe someday.

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You will watch their show when it comes out in 2018, right?
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Only for Minako. I don't care about the others either way.
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Only if rio uses chloroform on other idols.

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>A woman reunites with her first love at a class reunion. She discovers that Kuj┼Ź has taken over his family's temple as a priest. The woman thought that priests did not have romantic relationships, but a passion ignites between the two. She wonders if what she and the priest do is really right

>turned on by priests
Nothing is sacred anymore
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The guy reminds of Daiz.
>one kiss man

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Let's talk about the best manga ever made and discuss what makes it so hysterical.
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lmao he is posting alone
have a bump
the manga is fun
anzu best girl
That's not how you spell Hitomi.
And I kind of forgot this thread was still alive.
That is not how you spell Hina.

Welcome home, Master.
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Ahh, tadaima ~
What's for dinner?
from the thumbnail i thought this was mio and ritsu

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Happy birthday Toshinou Kyouko-chan aka best girl!
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I really like Toshino Kyoko!
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Hanako is a CUTE loli.

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Which is a better character? Which of them is a better waifu? Which of them has a better personality?
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blondes are always shit, no exception
The one that didn't end up getting blacked.

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For those who are waiting for season two,h here is some great news update.
Seasons two is on making rights now, and we will also got a short movie spin off about the story of the
phoenix killer based on his novel
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A new character will be introduce, he is apparently the phoenix killer's sensei
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Close up of his head scope

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Why couldn't the sexy gamer girl be holistic, instead of autistic?
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Well, technically, she has three of them.
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go home.jpg
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>Gamer girl
>Can't even log out from MMO
Yep, an actual "gamer" girl indeed
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But anon, you'll be coming home to this every single day.

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When is season 2 coming out?
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Hopefully fucking never
Never. Fuck off.

Now now, anon. There's no need to be upset.
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>Funny story! What happened was--
Based Tarou solo carried the show.
I could never be mad at you, Tarou.

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Appmon second arc.jpg
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What are your thoughts about appmon?
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Eri a cute
Shit so far.
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Eri on swimsuit.jpg
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