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I don't know if /a/ talked about this.
But how does one give birth to a Dullahan? It seems like it would be very dangerous for the mother.
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The flame doesnt hurt you. Like the yellow flame on a bunsen burner
and the world would come out seperate to the body making it easier
I'm talking about two separate body parts

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Why does banding exist? Why can't it be stopped?
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no one except autistic ppls pays any attetnion to it so who cares
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God likes to pick on those she wants to fuck.
Because digital video needs to be heavily compressed for the file sizes to be sane.

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Who is the best Right Back At Ya! character, and why is he Escargoon?
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that's not Kawasaki
That's not Dedede
thats not Tiff

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Why is this guy such a jerk now?
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He cucked me out of seeing the wedding, I want him gone.
We still might get to see it.
I get the feeling he might do something incredibly dickish like forcing Alibaba to become god.

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Thoughts on this masterpiece?
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I like it. I think everyone likes it. It's being re-aired on TV at the moment.
What happened to the movie?
OP was remixed as well, for better or worse.

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Ok I'm really excited for the new Death Note movie to come out on Netflix but scared because America fucked up everything else that involves live action anime movies
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L is black.
Light looks like a crack addict.
Expect Dragonball evolution of stupidity.
America is the best country on earth
Was there ever an adaptation that was given to a decent director?

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Why are the Illyas drawn like this?
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to give OP a boner
now stfu
I want to see my semen splattered against Kuro's dark skin.
try to find a Kuro-cosplayer
closest what you will get

Pre-2000 anime/manga thread. What are you watching/reading?

Pic related, I finished it last night. It was a decent movie, could really use a re-release though (BD never). The LD is way too dark, some scenes later in the movie are one giant shadow.
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Good animation.
At least it's better than the initial release.
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birdy grin.jpg
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Just finished Tetsuwan Birdy. It was pretty good, but not something I'd call my favorite.

Well, it ended.

The 2 other people here who watched this will agree that it was an enjoyable little show with surprisingly good CGI.

Yotsuba anime never.
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Legit teared up. I'm going to miss this cute little show. It was extremely heartwarming.
Kuro best girl. I like to imagine Nyanbo is an anime adaptation of a manga written by grown-up Yotsuba.
Yeah it was alright.
We better fucking get that yotsuba anime now.

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Dumping raws for 3/25 Shinohayu and Biyori.
Shinohayu 43: Escape
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Shino's rivals from Komosawa MS
Kajino Yui
Mukunoki Chihiro
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Nagami Tomoko
Bonkohara(?) Mio
Yukinaga Yuzuha
unusual names; and Chihiro acts weird
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trash talking the senpais
meanwhile block C match has ended

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Would you?
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Pretty much
She'd probably kill me if she decided to ride me.
im on a diet.

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could he beat meruem?
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At least Mereum's arc was finished
who would win:

Togashi and his entire team of elite mangaka assistants


a weekly 18 page shonen deadline
>entire team of elite mangaka assistants
He works by himself.

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Was it ahead of its time?

Akari a fine choice but I'm more of a fan of

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Put the friends into the bag, we're wrapping up!
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The last hour
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I took today off work just to watch this episode

Havent been this excited for an anime's finale in a long time.

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Who is worst Azumanga and why is it Tomo?
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Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
tomo is da best
...at being an annoying cunt.

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